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Microsoft Ignite 2020: Updates You Should Know About

Group of people in a dark room attending a seminar

Microsoft Ignite 2020: Updates You Should Know About

Gregg Bainbridge, our excellent Education & Accessibility Lead, has written up some of his thoughts on Microsoft’s Ignite 2020 sessions, that you should know about…


Microsoft Ignite 2020 sessions 

It’s been another interesting set of Ignite sessions from Microsoft. Seeing how the different products available to partners and clients have changed considering the COVID pandemic and how people are using technology to deal with the NEW NORMAL. 


Microsoft Ignite 2020 offered a range of updates on products and services and some great success stories about how products and services have helped during the pandemic and inspired stakeholders to change their standard ways of working. 


For me there were some very interesting updates inbound for all users. Some of the highlights are listed below: 


Virtual Commute 

Bringing a new feature to teams to support remote workers and their mental health and potential adjustment back to the physical world of work. Virtual Commute allows employees to set aside time to review their work and gather their thoughts in a central space without being disrupted. As we have now entered a pro-longed period of remote work the transition back to the commute may be difficult for some. Virtual commute will help employees gather their thoughts and place in time for reflection.  


Native Learning App 

Microsoft has identified the need for constant upskill of everyone around the world to meet the demands of a digital landscape in the office. To support users of Teams they are developing a native learning app that will be installed alongside other native apps. This will bring learning content from LinkedIn learning and Microsoft Learning Pathways into a single space to enable your employees to grab some time to continue their professional development.



Both of these have been designed to enable Teams to be that essential communication, collaboration and productivity platform that employees will need. These will support all types of employees and aid with productivity on the go as well as in the office.  


There were many more developments during Ignite, these happened to be my favourites.  


Don’t forget there is still time to check out and sign up for the Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge for a chance at a prize and free certification.




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