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Microsoft Viva

An Overview of Microsoft Viva Topics
Posted on 15 June 2022
Viva Topics this is another part of Viva that can be integrated into ...
Viva Learning Overview
Posted on 15 June 2022
Let’s explore Viva Learning! Currently, it is still quite a young ...
An introduction to Microsoft Viva
Posted on 15 June 2022
Microsoft has launched its new platform, Viva, an innovative new ...
Viva Connections intranet software
Posted on 9 March 2022
Microsoft Viva Connections can help you spin up powerful employee ...
Viva Connections for Mobile
Posted on 9 March 2022
Viva Connections is now available on mobile for Microsoft Teams. This ...
Viva Connections intranet software Global Navigation
Posted on 9 March 2022
Help drive employee engagement by enabling employees to easily ...

Microsoft Teams Apps

Survey App
Posted on 10 May 2021
Survey is a Teams app intended for use by corporate/internal communication & human resource departments that enables users to ask series of questions...
Prevent Cliques in your business with the IceBreaker App
Posted on 10 May 2021
The IceBreaker bot is a Teams app that helps your team connect by pairing up colleagues at random every week to meet, either in person or virtually...
Send Targeted Comms with the Company Communicator App
Posted on 10 May 2021
Company Communicator is a Teams app intended for use by corporate/internal communication departments to create and send messages to targeted teams or a large number of employees over chat...
FAQ Plus App
Posted on 10 May 2021
FAQ Plus is a Teams app, similar to Company Communicator, intended as a friendly question and answer bot that answers commonly asked questions...


How to Move a OneNote Notebook To OneDrive
Posted on 11 October 2021
This short video will take you through the process of how to move a ...
Setting up Document Alerts in SharePoint Online
Posted on 11 May 2021
Are you currently working with your team on the same documents? Are you chasing people for updates on a spreadsheet for example? Here's how to set up document alerts in SharePoint Online...

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