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Changing Social’s Sustainability Pledge

Our Commitment

Here at Changing Social, we are committed to being a sustainable business, in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Business Development. It offers 17 sustainable business development goals that provide a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.”

Of these, the goals Changing Social can have an impact towards include Good Health and Well-Being, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Quality Education.

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Good Health and Well-being

We are committed to ensuring all colleagues have good health and wellbeing, are supported and thrive. As part of this, our flexible working structure allows for colleagues to take time to attend appointments, pick up their children, undertake exercise and have sufficient breaks.

As part of this, Changing Social has been utilising Microsoft Viva Insights. It tracks wellbeing, how busy someone is, 1:1’s, meeting length and more by providing tangible insights to managers and leaders, as well as the individual (personal insights are private).

This allows everyone to track how busy they are and make relevant adaptations such as booking weekly catch ups with managers, setting focus time in their diary to get work done, do some Headspace meditation and more.

Measurable Commitments


Changing Social is an equal opportunities employer, and has a highly diverse team of women, men and non-binary employees, including significant number of women at senior levels (6 out of the 15 women in a company of 32). The national average for women in technology stands at 19% and we are proud of the gender diversity that currently sits at 47%.

Measurable Commitments

Climate Action

Changing Social is committed to doing its part in the fight against climate change. As a tech company, we work predominantly online and deliver our services virtually. We try to utilise public transport where possible for those coming to the office or travelling for work, to reduce our carbon footprint. We acknowledge that as a tech company that we need to be industry leaders to raise awareness and inspire positive climate action. 

Measurable Commitments

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Since Changing Social’s first year of trading, we have experienced growth of 50% every year. Our financial strategy has been to grow the business organically, and to reinvest all profits to ensure that the company is able to hire exceptional talent, nurture those early in their careers and provide a world-class employee experience.

Measurable Commitments

Quality Education

Education is one of the most important aspects of personal growth and the ability to get a job, by supporting the younger generation, Changing Social seeks to set students up for success and the ever-changing technological workplace.

Measurable Commitments

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