Learn & Access Knowledge Seamlessly

Learning & Knowledge Management with Microsoft Viva amalgamates two formidable solutions – Viva Learning and Viva Topics – crafting a holistic platform that accelerates learning and ensures your knowledge is always a step ahead. 

Why Learning & Knowledge Management?

The demands of the modern workspace are ever-evolving. It’s not just about accessing information, but about doing so efficiently, and with the assurance of accuracy and context. That’s where integrated Learning & Knowledge Management shines: 

Man presenting ideas on a whiteboard to a team listening and working on laptops in a meeting room

On-Demand Learning

Equip employees with skillsets that align with the evolving business landscape.

Contextual Knowledge

Say goodbye to disruptive searches; acquire knowledge without disrupting your workflow.

Expertise Identification

Connect with organisational experts effortlessly, fostering a culture of collaboration and curiosity.

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Microsoft Viva Learning

In a time where continuous learning is paramount, Viva Learning offers an agile solution that promotes growth and innovation. It’s an intuitive Learning & Knowledge Management platform that caters to the needs of the modern learner, supporting personalised, self-paced and cohesive learning experiences. 

Unified Learning Environment

Access learning materials from a plethora of sources, be it LinkedIn Learning, third-party providers or your custom content.

Custom Learning Paths

Personalised learning experiences tailored for roles, departments or individuals, ensuring effective and relevant skill development.

Integrated Experience

Learning & Knowledge Management isn’t just an add-on. Experience Viva Learning seamlessly within Microsoft Teams, turning every interaction into a learning opportunity.

Microsoft Viva Topics

Knowledge is power, but accessing the right knowledge at the right time is the real game-changer. Viva Topics, as part of Microsoft’s Learning & Knowledge Management suite, uses AI to revolutionise the way information is consumed. It brings intelligence, efficiency and personalisation to knowledge management. 

Immediate Knowledge Retrieval

Viva Topics uses AI to provide contextual knowledge without interrupting your workflow, making sure you’re always equipped with the insights you need.

Expertise on Tap

Find organisational experts with a simple click, turning knowledge gaps into collaborative learning sessions.

Security & Compliance

With over 130 connectors and comprehensive permission settings, Viva Topics ensures your data is secure, organised and tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.


Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

We know that investing in a Employee Experience Platform is a significant decision for your business. That’s why we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about our service. We’ve got your queries covered. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us — we’re here to help!

Viva Learning is primarily a platform for centralised, unified learning experiences. It offers users access to a wide array of learning resources, including custom content, LinkedIn Learning and third-party sources, all within the comfortable environment of Microsoft Teams. 

While Viva Learning is centred around structured learning experiences, Viva Topics focuses on knowledge management. It uses AI to organise and find relevant information across your organisation, connecting users with experts and pertinent data when they need it. 

Yes, both are independent applications under the Microsoft Viva banner. While they serve distinct functions, together they offer a comprehensive solution to your organisation’s learning and knowledge goals. 

Absolutely. Viva Learning supports the integration of custom content, giving organisations the flexibility to tailor learning resources to their unique requirements. 

With Viva Topics, any unfamiliar term or topic within your organisation’s database will be underlined/highlighted. By hovering or clicking on it, a Topic Card pops up that offers a subject overview, related documents, sites and suggested experts – eliminating the need for external searches. 

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