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We’ve all heard the buzz around Microsoft’s new AI tool Copilot; its innovative, transformative nature is set to change the way we work for the better. Just as we adapted to the rise of the email in years past, preparing for Copilot will become essential, and will eventually be a mainstay of our working lives.  

As we begin to adapt to Copilot and the waves of innovation the AI era will bring, it’s vital that we make sure our organisations have a strong foundation in order to make the most of this incredible potential. Copilot can inspire feelings of resistance and a fear of the unknown, and it’s important that leadership are equipped with the tools to guide their employees towards full adoption, and ultimately, success. 

Working with AI technology is a journey we must all take, so let’s start here!  


How do You Access Copilot?

To start using Copilot, you’ll need a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 licence, or an Azure Active Directory account. Whether you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other Microsoft 365 app, Copilot is ready to enhance your workflow seamlessly.

The beauty of Copilot is that it incorporates the software that you’re already familiar with and comfortable using, helping you get to grips with AI in a secure setting. We recommend aligning your network with the Microsoft 365 principles to ensure a smooth transition to the Copilot experience. By using Copilot in the way Microsoft intended, you can reduce potential roadblocks and prepare for Copilot with an adoption strategy that sits in a strong foundation.

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Permissions and Security

Worried about oversharing content? Copilot understands your existing permissions and builds on Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to data security. One of the best things you can do to prepare for Copilot is to make sure that your governance policies are accurate and up-to-date with current universal guidelines. Before you allow Copilot to integrate and have access to your data and information, it’s important to identify who can access what, different levels of data sensitivity and when files can be shared. Without proper governance, an employee could potentially find more confidential, sensitive files during a simple Copilot search. Strong, secure governance is not a suggestion; it’s a necessity.

With Copilot, security isn’t an afterthought; it’s a foundational principle. Copilot is built on Microsoft’s ‘Responsible AI Principles’, a clear set of guidelines that outline their approach to AI from within the organisation. Microsoft’s six core AI principles are Fairness, Reliability & Safety, Inclusiveness, Transparency, Privacy & Security and Accountability. By using software from an organisation with such stringent AI standards, you can be sure that the programme you’re using was responsibly made and will be continually improved upon.


Copilot Licencing

Although we won’t know the full details surrounding Copilot licences until it’s made generally available, we know that a select number of organisations already have them. One of the key things to consider when it comes to licences is how to fairly distribute them.

Similarly to Copilot governance, it’s important for organisations to think about how they’ll distribute Copilot licences before the software comes into practice. There are several ethical questions to consider when thinking of AI licencing – is it ethical to give certain employees the advantage of AI over others? How does the AI impact pay equality, career progression and rewards? Could selective AI licencing create minority groups within the workplace?

Before implementing any software that gives someone this kind of incredible edge, there must be strict boundaries in place around when, how and who uses it.

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Driving Adoption

As you prepare for Copilot, one of the vital steps in your AI adoption strategy will be to incite enthusiasm for the software within your team. We understand that for some AI can seem daunting, and with the exponential growth within the AI industry in just the past year, it can feel like it’s popped up from nowhere. Copilot is set to be a revolutionary tool, similar to the internet or emailing – technology that we all had to adapt to. By identifying fears, concerns and anxieties your employees may have around the idea of using AI, you can begin to assure them and clearly communicate your Copilot roadmap. Keeping an open dialogue of how you see Copilot being used within your organisation, and how it can benefit your employees, is essential for drumming up support and excitement for the software.


So, are you ready to experience the revolution of Copilot? To find out more, get in touch with Changing Social! We help organisations make the most of their Microsoft licence – and Copilot is no exception! To learn more, fill out the form below, or email us at [email protected]


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