Why Communication Strategy & Plan is Important

During change, you’re asking people to leave their comfort zone and do something different.

This disruption to their normal day-to-day routine can cause a lot of negative emotions. But what if your people were bought into the change from the start as they’d be consulted, felt informed, were clear on what, when, how and more importantly why the change was happening?

The Benefits To
Clear & Compelling Communication

Leadership Sponsorship

Having your leaders on board to support during change is vital. By engaging and communicating with them early, they’ll be your role models for change.

Creates Advocates

Change comms should always be two-way. Giving people the chance to get involved and have their say creates advocates for change.

Reduces Resistance

If you have clear direction and people understand the why, what, when and how, they’re far more likely to get onboard.

Reduces The Noise

If you’ve been clear with your people from the start, they know what to expect and rumours and scaremongering and far less likely.


Setting the communication strategy & plan is all about understanding where your organisation currently is, where you want to get to and how you’ll communicate it to your people so they’re on the journey with you.

We work closely with your in-house teams to develop the strategy & plan to make sure we have all the right elements in place to effectively engage and communicate with your workforce.

The strategy sets out the key components from objective and goal setting, key stakeholder audienceschannels through to measurement. We provide ongoing support and will continue to review and adapt the strategy and plan based on feedback.


This is the granular detail, the activity that will take place to make sure your people are fully informed and onboard.

Every business and every audience is different with contrasting characteristics, needs, expectations and motivations. We work with you to develop a comprehensive comms plan to identify who you need to reach, what you want them to know and what channels you’ll use to communicate with them.

As well as designing the plan, we can also create the comms materials including articles, video, posters & other useful resources.


Having mechanisms in place to listen to the people who are impacted by the change is vital. It gives you a gauge for how things are landing and a temperature check for how people are feeling.

They will give you real-time feedback so you can alter your approach to best meet their needs if and when required. By giving people a way to make their voices heard, you’ll also limit the resistance to the change.

Giving people ownership of the change means they have a shared goal; one which they’re more likely to achieve together.

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