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Citizen Developer University

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What is the Citizen Developer University?

Our Citizen Developer University curriculum (CDU) is a structured learning program that contains a series of modules to help your future citizen developers learn more about the Power Platform.

We deliver this curriculum through Teams, by creating a community of students who learn together through seminars and guided lab sessions, and sharing ideas.

Course Structure

Our course was designed to help 80 students learn per year, but with your business as usual activities in mind.

We have created 8 modules for the course which follow a “PL-900: Power Platform Fundamentals” style of learning in order to follow best practice approach, and we have built in self-paced learning activities & half-term to help us all navigate periods of high annual leave or critical periods such as the end of the financial year.

We can also help you to condense the program with fewer students!

Modules learned
Week duration
Cohorts per year

Carefully Curated Modules

We have chosen two modules for your first year that are mandatory in order to build a great foundation for common scenarios.

Elective 3

Elective 4


Fill the gaps based on your business needs by choosing two additional modules below in year 1.

Renewal for a second year with the same cohorts will lead towards all modules being completed.

Built upon our proven Digital Champions Programme

Our Digital Champions as a Service (DCaaS) programme is well known for it’s campaign-led learning and gamification for a whole host of Microsoft 365 services.

We have used our experience and learning from this service in order to deliver the Citizen Developer University for the Power Platform.

That means that all organisations who sign up to CDU will receive our high quality technical content hosted within Teams, as well as a dedicated Community Manager to help you along the journey.

During the year, a dedicated Community Manager will be provided to you to support your students along their journey. This Community Manager is a Power Platform specialist, and is the gateway to the expertise within our Power Platform team for solving your business challenges.

First introduced within our Digital Champions as a Service program, our suite of gamification Power Apps will provide the community with a way to share skills, ask experts, and complete self-paced learning.

Want to become an App and Automation Expert?

Receive a FREE demo of the programme by one of our Power Platform specialists!

A tailored curriculum for your organisation's current challenges.

Community culture to pool ideas together and deliver real solutions to real problems.

Designed to ensure that the curriculum does not interfere with current business activities.

Delivered by product specialists who use and configure the Power Platform every day.

A significant improvement in digital skills across the organisation to create better ways of working.

Consistent and dedicated attention from one of our community managers to ensure success.

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