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Solve your business challenges through Apps & Automation



Need an app to make your life easier? We can help. We can either custom-build these for you or help you adopt the right tools available on Microsoft app templates.



Speed up a repetitive task or process by automating it. We've helped lots of organisations save time and money through automated processes and we want to help you too.



AI-powered bots can help your people and customers get answers to frequently asked questions quicker and easier. And they don't have to wait for your traditional business hours to get an answer.

Centre of Excellence


Apps, automation and bots are all great tools, but how do you manage and govern them? With our COE model, we can help you to set up your power platform for success.


We have helped some of the largest brands on this planet solve business challenges using the Microsoft Power Platform. We love finding solutions to make work easy for you and your colleagues. We want to show you, what we can do to help you too.

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Empowering Innovation

You'll no doubt have some seriously impressive citizen developers in your organisation. We want to help you unearth these geniuses and give them a place to shine.

Low-risk Exploration

Microsoft 365 is a great place to build new solutions and try out innovative ideas without huge cost or time pressures. We can help you build a Minimal Loveable Product in days not months.

Microsoft Expertise

As Microsoft experts, we've grown up with this technology and have used the Power Platform since its inception. As the Power Platform evolves so do we, and strive to learn it all .


There's an app for that, or at least there should be! If you're finding yourself saying that but not finding the app to suit your needs, it looks like it's time to get building. Our app experts work with you to understand your needs then create a custom-built app to meet them.

Build with confidence

Using Power Apps, you can have a proof of concept or MVP set up and ready for testing in days not weeks. By having such a quick turnaround, you can make tweaks and changes to your app quickly, ensuring you waste no time. And if you find it doesn't work, you can ditch it without losing lots of money invested into developers, platforms and hosting.

Built for everyone

The genuine beauty of Power Apps is that they can be dreamt up by anyone and then built that same day. Unlike most app-building platforms, you don't need a degree in software engineering to build a Power App. We'll guide you through what to do - from design to release - and help you get where you need to go. Or if you'd prefer to pass it over to us, we can take your idea and build something entirely bespoke to you.

Build with style

If you’re going to build an app why not do it with some style? We believe apps and automation are truly amazing things which is why we deliver both function and style. Our app makers will work with you to deliver not only robust functionality but user interfaces and experiences with style.


Making life easier is one of our over-riding objectives. We want to make work easier for you and your people, and we want to help you make it easier for your customers to interact with you. Automation is a fantastic way to do this. We can help you automate manual processes, freeing up time and energy to spend with your customers on more high-value tasks, and making life easier for everyone in the process.

1. Identify your process

We can help you identify processes that could benefit from automation. By working closely, we can assess which processes could be automated and help you understand what the automated process would look like. We can also illustrate the time and effort savings you could make, helping you to make the case for the change within your organisation.

2. Build the workflow

Next we'd work with you to map out the workflow of the manual process. We'd work with all of the people who touch the process to fully understand their role, then we'd develop a workflow map that articulated the end to end process.

3. Build the automation

Now we know the process and the workflow, we can develop the automation.

We would develop a MVP then test this with you and your team, making iterations to the design as we go.

Once everyone is happy with the automation, we will help you to deploy this within your business.


Websites are great at giving potential customers information about our products and services, but when they need more info, where do they go? A bot is a great solution, especially when your customers need their questions answered outside of traditional business hours.

Built today

Bots are quick and easy to set up. We start with some of your frequently asked questions and programme the bot to give these answers to your customers who ask questions like these. For example, what time do you open? what's your return's policy? how can I make a booking? We can also look at your website traffic and previous email enquiries to understand the kind of typical enquiries you receive, and programme your bot accordingly. We can also tell your bot what to say if it doesn't have the answer, and will ensure it signposts your customers to someone who can help.

Build for the future

Our bots are smart and will grow and develop the more they are used. Employing machine learning, they will become more familiar with question formats, trends and typical information that people search for. You will also be able to see where they couldn't help people, and programme them with more data so they can resolve enquiries in the future. The bot will continue to develop and grow as long as you nurture it and feed it with rich, useful data.

How can you...

Manage Apps and Automation in your organisation.

It's all very exciting thinking about apps, automation and bots, but how will they work practically in your organisation? Who will manage them? What kind of governance structures will you have? We can help you navigate all of this and set up a Centre of Excellence ensuring you have the rigour and support to make your apps, bots and automation thrive beyond our initial work with you.

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