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As Microsoft 365 adoption specialists, there’s an air of excitement as we unveil the latest enhancement to our renowned Digital Champion Programme: DCaaS 3.0. This advanced version is not just an update, it’s a transformative approach designed to revolutionise your digital adoption strategy in 2024.

DCaaS 3.0, has been crafted with precision and care, focusing on maximising the potential of Microsoft 365, aligning perfectly with Changing Social’s commitment to integrating technology seamlessly into the fabric of your organisational workflows. The essence of this programme lies in its understanding that the true power of technology is harnessed not just through tools, but through the people who use them.

We have always believed that knowledge is most potent when it’s derived from those who are at the front lines of using these technologies every day. This philosophy is the cornerstone of the DCaaS 3.0, aiming to empower teams to leverage Microsoft 365 to its utmost potential, transforming routine tasks into opportunities for efficiency and innovation.

As this article unfolds, it will offer insights into how Changing Social’s Digital Champions programme is setting a new benchmark in digital adoption and how it can catalyse significant shifts in the way organisations engage with technology.

It’s not just about keeping pace with change, it’s about leading it.


The Essence of Digital Champions

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These are not merely individuals skilled in digital tools, they are the change-makers within your organisation. They are mentors,  and leaders. Driving and inspiring their peers towards effective and strategic adoption of Microsoft 365.

The programme is committed to nurturing these pioneers, developing them into leaders of digital innovation and advocates of a seamless digital transformation within your organisation.


Delving Deeper into Digital Champions 3.0

In our pursuit to provide a nuanced understanding of why DCaaS 3.0 stands as a comprehensive and multi-dimensional programme, it’s essential to recognise its capability to address a broad spectrum of digital transformation aspects.

Firstly, the programme is designed to guide organisations through a progressive journey from foundational knowledge to advanced stages of digital integration and innovation. This ensures uniformed growth across the enterprise and maximises the impact of your digital journey.

Additionally, the campaigns within DCaaS 3.0 are tailored to cater to varying organisational needs and maturity levels. By understanding where your organisation currently stands in terms of digital capabilities, strategic decisions can be made regarding the starting level and the specific campaigns to deploy.

We have flexibility with campaigns, they are designed and flexible based off of your maturity model, evolving needs and ensuring relevance to your organisation small or large. This allows us to have flexibility with every organisation to make sure we have the right fit for you. The program can be scaled and adapted to different sizes, and types of organisations.

Furthermore, DCaaS 3.0 is reinforced with comprehensive support and resource accessibility Participants benefit from engaging learning experiences, detailed analytics, and advanced community management tools. This ensures that they are not only trained but also fully equipped to apply their newfound skills in practical, real-world scenarios, effectively bridging the gap between learning and doing and making it fun.


The Journey of a Digital Champion

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Our champions embark on an 12-month journey, acquiring a blend of technical and soft skills across 4 meticulously designed campaigns.

These campaigns encompass personal productivity, team collaboration, and organisational effectiveness

Champions become proficient in Microsoft products, learning to use them in harmonious and collaborative ways.

We achieve this by leading 4, 60-minute sessions per campaign, to build knowledge of M3

65 apps and tools, along with how learners can use them to save time and build new ways of working and productivity.

We have gamified knowledge checks to make sure learners have understood the M365 applications and tools that are covered in sessions and then signpost them to Microsoft’s self-paced learning.

We also show and provide examples for learners to experiment with new methods of working, available in the champion community.

Champion sessions and challenge activities are held to encourage knowledge sharing, deepen understanding and helping others to embrace their own skill-centric learning.

With on-demand resources from Microsoft Learning Pathways, regular webinars, and continuous support, our champions are set up for success.

Supporting Business Transformation with DCaaS 3.0

An important part of our method is supporting a lively community of Digital Champions, who are essential to creating a culture of ongoing learning and digital leadership.

In alignment with Microsoft’s Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA), we ensure that your enterprise adheres to the best practices in digital transformation. This holistic approach is not just theoretical but comes with measurable success and tangible results an engaging way. Through our unique reporting dashboard and data tracking, you can  witness your organisation’s journey towards digital excellence, making the abstract notions of transformation and innovation concrete and observable.

Our Digital champions programme is a tailored approach to learning and demonstrating a new structure into how your business can progress in the modern workplace through your employees and colleagues.


Key Enhancements in DCaaS 3.0

With all this in mind, we want to break it down for you.

Our commitment to continuous improvement of our services strengths this Digital Champions programme and the results of this are listed below::

  • Inclusive Training: Open to all employees, promoting a digitally inclusive culture, this enables you to get the most out of the programme and arm your workforce with the knowledge they need to enhance their Microsoft capabilities and allows them lead their learning journey.
  • Flexibility: Offering digital empowerment at a cost-effective rate. Campaigns start at level 100 which is our foundational learning and increases in 100 increments up to 400 being the most advanced.  We will suggest the level you start at based on the outputs of the maturity assessment, so you get what your organisation needs.
  • Transparency: A forms library has been built which allows us more ROI data ensuring that you know where this learning is going. There is also a customer dashboard showcasing ROI’s allowing you to see the organisations learning progress. We want to see  how the programme works for you.
  • Expanded Learning Modules: More comprehensive modules, we have woven Copilot into these modules, for example you’ll not just learn OneDrive you will learn about OneDrive and Copilot combined, for a thorough learning experience.
  • Microsoft’s Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA) Alignment: Ensuring strategic alignment with Microsoft’s recommendations on how the M365 apps are used in alignment to variating personas for optimal outcomes and best practice. This is something your whole organisation can take advantage of and learn more about.
  • Beyond Literacy to Capability: Digital literacy is knowing how to use digital tools like Microsoft products. Digital capability goes further—it’s about using these tools creatively and strategically to impact your organisation. We aim for your Digital Champions to not just understand Microsoft technology but to inspire and guide others in its effective use, driving digital transformation within your organisation.



Overall, our Digital Champion Programme represents a pivotal step forward in digital empowerment.

It’s not just about software proficiency, it’s about fostering a culture of digital innovation and leadership within your organisation. With training, strategic MOCA alignment, and expanded learning modules, we’re setting a new standard in digital transformation that you can be part of.

Embracing DCaaS 3.0 means not just adapting to change, but thriving in it.

As your partners in this journey, we at Changing Social are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your team, ensuring that every step forward is a stride towards digital excellence.

We trust this article has not only deepened your understanding of the advancements within our Digital Champion program but also highlighted the pivotal role your organisation plays in this journey, especially if you’re already a partner. For those yet to join, let this serve as your insight into the transformative impact of our collaboration with Microsoft in driving adoption and change management. Now is the moment to leverage this knowledge, embrace the opportunity, and actively participate in shaping the future of your organisations digital transformation.

Together, let’s lead the way in shaping a digitally adept, innovative, and forward-thinking workplace.


For those looking to fully leverage the potential of our Digital Champion Programme, and discover how it can revolutionise your organisation’s digital transformation, contact us using the form to the right. 



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