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Make M365 The Heart Of How Your Business Works

Transform your business and create effective ways of working with Microsoft 365.

M365 has endless possibilities and opportunities to work smarter, not harder. Our mission is to help you to realise its full potential, make the most of your investment and change the way your organisation works forever.

Envision Your Future Ways Of Working With M365

By understanding your pain points and challenges, we focus on how we can overcome these using M365.

Whether it’s productivity, connectivity, collaboration or team work, we can help you utilise the full potential of the tools and apps at your fingertips.

Tell us your problem, we’ll work with you on the solution.

Build out new ways of working and use cases with us

We work as a partnership to build out use cases that are specific to you, your team and your department.

We’ll focus on the benefits and outcomes that the changes will deliver to your people.

Use cases help us to build out the story so people can visualise what the end result will be and the journey that’s needed to get there.

It helps everyone involved understand the how the process will work.

Talk to an Expert

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Work with us to implement and adopt your new ways of working

Throughout the entire process, we partner with you.

This allows you to learn and develop your change management skills with us so you’re not only change ready but set up for future change.

We don’t just come in, weave our magic and leave you at the end of the project.

We work closely with you to impart our knowledge and skills so you have the ability to manage future change projects successfully.

How We Partner With You

How do we create new ways of working?

We work with you to understand your frustrations and where improvements can be made.


At Changing Social we recognise that improvements in your organisation must come from within. We simply pose the questions and open your minds to think differently.

This is done through conversations, informal chats and small group workshops with like-minded people who are passionate about making positive changes.

Do we implement these?

We employ a ‘build with’ philosophy so that you gain the skills to not only implement the change but also go on to implement further ways to improve the way your organisation works.


M365 change requires sustainability, which is where we partner and work alongside you, guiding where appropriate.

Transform your business
with M365

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