Digital Champions

Empowering your people to continuously educate your organisation.

Grow and Innovate with Microsoft 365 Digital Champions Programme

Our Digital Champions programme is delivered purely online through Microsoft Teams. This gives your team access to the most up-to-date Microsoft learning resources, in a managed community environment.

We use Microsoft technology to train people on Microsoft technology, providing growth and knowledgeability from the start.

With the ability to scale to meet the needs of your organisation, regardless of size. Our Digital Champions community is designed to give both beginner and intermediate users more in-depth knowledge and understanding of Microsoft 365, and the confidence to share their newly found skills with their peers.  

What Changing Social Provides.

An Adoption 365 Specialist and Product Expert to support your Digital Champions along their journey. 

Our on-demand learning resources are delivered through Microsoft Learning Pathways so you’ll always be using the latest in Microsoft technologies and learning about new features and functionality as they’re introduced. Our tech is evergreen, and so is your learning.  

We use the very latest in Microsoft technology by building our programme on the very platform that we’re educating your Digital Champions on. Using the Power App capabilities means there’s no downtime, interruptions or maintenance – it’s all in the cloud.  

The technical knowledge – we arm your Digital Champions with the skills to lead and inspire their peers, taking them on the journey together.  


We are incredibly excited about the partnerships we have formed. We believe that by serving our customers, we will continue to build stronger relationships.

“With Changing Social’s reputation, and their Microsoft Gold Partner status, we felt it would be a much quicker, better and more efficient adoption process for us and it’s certainly the way it turned out. It’s been really simple and straightforward working with Changing Social”

Smiling woman in pink top taking a selfie in her bedroomSarah Chubb, Strategic Programmes Manager at Anglian Water Services

“Changing Social provided the right balance of knowledge, reassurance, humour and professionalism. The champions really enjoyed the sessions and hopefully they (the champions) are excited about starting their journey.”

Smiling woman with brown hair sat on a chairSherrill Holder, Head of Digital & Business Relationships at Gloucestershire County Council

“Our awesome champs have shared that they can save about 1.5 to 3 hours every week by putting into practice what they’ve learned from the program! This 18-month program was packed with exciting live training sessions, top-notch online resources, engaging challenges, and plenty of opportunities for sharing and dialogue, all facilitated by our partners at Changing Social.”

Brenda HallmanBrenda Hallman, Program Manager at Main Line Health

Ready for Digital Champions?

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Benefits of the Digital Champions Programme

Digital Champions are a vital asset in a change managers toolkit. They harness the drive of people who want to help shape the future of their organisation and support their colleagues through change. They act as ambassadors of change, bridging the gap between IT implementation and the people.

How the programme can save you money

Future-proofing your change

One of the goals of the programme is to deliver a community of self-sustaining technically savvy employees, who can support you through future change.

Having this in-house resource can save thousands by reducing the number of calls to your support desk, which allows IT support to focus on other tasks. Your Digital Champions will be the ‘go to’ people for support with M365.

Making the most of your investment

Unleashing the potential of the Microsoft 365 products and realising their full capacity, whilst saving money on untapped technology. By introducing new apps and tools that work together, you can retire legacy systems that are no longer required. This results in saving thousands on licences and maintenance.

The Microsoft 365 suite is all about working smarter, not harder and plays a huge role in supporting employees to work more productively. The individual tools and apps work seamlessly together. From Teams you can access various applications without leaving the platform, this helps employees utilise their time more effectively.

Investing in your people

Providing employees with opportunities to grow their skills as well as investing in their development is a proven driver for increased employee engagement. And an organisation with higher employee engagement is more likely to deliver a better customer experience, work more effectively, productively and safely as well as being more innovative. All these factors positively impact the bottom line.

What your Digital  Champions will do

The programme has been built up from years of hard work and a lot of in-depth research and experience into why Digital Champion programmes fail, what makes them work and how they can be impactful.

Learning is delivered over an 18-month period, taking the champions from beginner to intermediate. It’s then divided into six campaigns, which cover personal productivity, team productivity and organisational effectiveness, the Digital Champions will learn technical and soft skills. This equips them to learn, lead and inspire.

Digital Champions will not only learn about each Microsoft product, but they’ll also learn about how each of these work in harmony for more collaborative ways of working.

With on-demand resources from Microsoft Learning Pathways, regular webinars, hints and tips and endless support, the champions are set up to succeed.

How we’ll encourage your Digital Champions to thrive

We keep your Digital Champions engaged through the use of exciting campaigns and inclusive communications.

Using a dedicated Teams page, we have regular communication with champions throughout the programme with regular hints and tips, challenges and Ask the Experts.

By our nature, humans are competitive, and it’s been proven that reward and recognition deliver successful champion programmes. To motivate our champions, we have a leader board. At the end of each campaign, we reward champions with a badge of completion.

Champions can also complete challenges which give them extra points and the chance to move up the leader board.

Rewards can be tailored to the organisation and can feed into personal development plans, bonus schemes or other reward and recognition schemes.

We also produce weekly analytics with unique insights into how the digital champion community is performing and will make any necessary changes along the way.

Ready for Digital Champions?

Talk to our team of Digital Champion experts today to find out more about how we can support you.