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By | Published On: 16 November 2023 |

2023 is shaping up to be a transformative year for Microsoft Teams users, with an exciting array of apps designed to elevate your work experience.

At Changing Social, we understand that the right digital tools can make a world of difference in enhancing productivity, fostering collaboration, and nurturing growth. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the latest suite of Microsoft Teams apps for 2023 and beyond!

These apps aren’t just additions to your digital toolkit; they are gateways to optimised workflows, streamlined communication, and enriched personal development.

From revolutionising learning experiences to transforming data visualisation, each app is designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine, ensuring that you’re always a step ahead.

So, whether you’re looking to empower your teams, enrich your professional journey, or streamline your business processes, these nine new Microsoft Teams apps are set to redefine the way you engage with technology in the workplace.

Let’s dive in and discover how each of these innovative apps can bring a fresh perspective to your organisational needs and personal growth.

1. Docebo: A Seamless Learning Journey

Docebo app in Microsoft Teams

Immerse yourself in an organic learning environment with Docebo, the latest addition to Teams. This app brings Docebo’s Learning Management System (LMS) directly into your Teams interface. Whether you’re accessing courses, engaging in collaborative training, or sharing knowledge, Docebo ensures you remain connected to your workstream, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.


2. Domo: Data at Your Fingertips

Data drives decisions, and with the Domo app for Teams, accessing and discussing critical data insights has never been easier. Seamlessly integrate Domo’s data visualisation into your team discussions, enhancing your decision-making process with actionable insights, all within the familiar Teams environment.


3. Growthspace: Personalised Professional Development

Empower your professional growth with the Growthspace app. This tool is tailor-made for personal and team development, offering scalable coaching and mentorship within Teams. Stay on top of your growth program with timely notifications and reminders, and embrace the power of group mentorship for a more collaborative learning experience.


4. Bigtincan: Sales Enablement at Your Command

For those in customer-facing roles, Bigtincan is a game-changer. This app brings Bigtincan’s robust sales enablement content into Teams, offering an intuitive, mobile-friendly platform for content access, sharing, and engagement. Stay informed and ahead of the curve, ensuring your customer interactions are always impactful.


5. Simpatico: Nurturing Mental Wellbeing

Simpatico features in Microsoft Teams with Progress Circles

In today’s fast-paced world, mental wellbeing is paramount. Simpatico offers a secure, AI-driven conversational platform for managing mental health within Teams. Engage in confidential conversations, access diagnostic tools, and gain insights into your mental state. For organisations, anonymous analytics provide crucial data for proactive mental health support.


6. Tigerhall: Business Learning Integrated

TigerHall application with screenshot showing organisational content

Tigerhall brings a wealth of business knowledge right into your Teams workflow. Dive into over 1,300 bite-sized learning modules, including micro-podcasts, videos, and quick reads, curated from industry leaders. Facilitate social learning through community discussions and craft personalised learning paths to enrich your professional journey.


7. 1Page: Streamlining Sales Productivity

1page app in Microsoft Teams

Elevate your sales strategy with the 1Page app. This all-in-one productivity tool is designed to enhance sales efficiency, offering real-time insights and a seamless connection with prospects and customers. The latest update introduces a frictionless experience with SSO authentication, making it an indispensable tool for sales professionals.


8. Atlas: Scaling Team Communication

High Level summary feature in Atlas for Microsoft Teams

Atlas redefines team communication in Teams. Its latest update allows you to link topics to channels, subscribe to multiple projects, and manage your connections effortlessly. Simplify your communication strategy with Atlas and stay aligned with your team’s goals and projects.


9. Embark: Personalised Onboarding Excellence

The Embark app in Microsoft Teams

Lastly, Embark revolutionises the onboarding process. Tailor-made for remote teams, this app leverages AI to provide personalised learning journeys and an AI chatbot for efficient onboarding. Embark ensures new team members integrate swiftly and effectively, enhancing team productivity from day one.


In Conclusion: These nine apps are not just tools; they are catalysts for change, efficiency, and growth. At Changing Social, we understand the importance of integrating technology seamlessly into your work life. These apps represent the future of workplace collaboration and efficiency, embodying our commitment to providing solutions that are simple, effective, and transformative.

Embrace these innovations and watch as they redefine the way you work, collaborate, and grow. 2024 is the year to harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams, and with these apps, you’re set to do just that. Let’s make it a year of unprecedented productivity and success.


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