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At Changing Social, we understand the importance of Citizen Developers and the incredible changes they can make within an organisation – that’s why we created our Citizen Developer University.

These individuals may already be a part of your team, and it’s time to find them! With a passion for learning, an interest in the Power Platform and a desire to drive the business forward, Citizen Developers are essential for growth.

So, let’s dive into the top reasons why you need Citizen Developers within your organisation!


Drive Innovation

Innovation is what pushes us forward, helping us achieve our goals. Citizen Developers are the key to achieving these goals.

As Citizen Developers are a internal resource, they fully understand the pain points that their colleagues experience, and can therefore solve them like no one else. With proper training and support on their Citizen Developer journey, their advanced technical skills allow them to create tailored solutions that remove barriers to your business goals.

By making use of this incredible community you can take the pressure off your IT teams, create personalised solutions and empower your team to keep innovating and improving!


Cut Costs

Hiring software developers can be a costly service, in terms of both time and money.

Explaining your business barriers to an external party can take time, and they may not always understand your unique requirements. By equipping your team with the incredible Power Platform tools, you can create low-code apps that deliver solutions at a fraction of the cost.

The best part? In some cases, you may already have access to the Power Platform from within your existing Microsoft licence! Before you look outside for external help, make best use of your budgets by upskilling your people to help you!

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Upskill Your People

Are there people in your organisation with a curiosity for knowledge, and a desire to learn new skills? Encourage them!

All that you need to become a Citizen Developer is a passion for learning, and with our cohesive training curriculum you can unlock the potential of the Power Platform in no time. By making low-code, accessible software available to everyone in your organisation you can create a community of people that can accelerate their learning beyond belief!

By investing in your team not only do you add to their professional skills, but you foster a confident and empowered team, trained to meet your business needs.


Build the Tools You Need

At the heart of the Citizen Developer community is a focus on your own organisation.

Citizen Developers are embedded within your business and interact with their wider team of employees. They hear their colleagues pain points, they understand what they need to work at their best and they always have company goals at the forefront of what they do.

Combining this with their access to the Power Platform, Citizen Developers are constantly creating user-friendly applications that fully align with the needs of the end-user.


Encourage Collaboration

Citizen Developers are a pool of knowledge within your organisation, and you can spread their learning throughout the entire team!

Creating a Citizen Developer community encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing, transferring knowledge without having to train your entire organisation. In this way, learning can be ‘scaled’ throughout your team, breaking down silos and encourage employees from all departments to partake in peer-to-peer learning.

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Foster Adaptability

Adaptability is key within the ever-changing business landscape, and Citizen Developers a champions of this skill.

With new applications consistently being rolled out, they can quickly adapt existing applications or even create new ones to address the changes in the market or emerging challenges. This adaptability is what keeps your organisation at the forefront of your industry, and allows you to respond to changes – fast!

Citizen Developers bring innovation, save time and money, and foster a community of learning and knowledge-sharing. To unlock the full potential of a Citizen Developer community within your organisation, why not try Changing Social’s Citizen Developer University!


To make the most of Microsoft, look no further than Changing Social! As a top Microsoft consultancy firm, we help organisations make best use of their Microsoft licencing. Whether you’re looking for custom-built apps, bespoke training or personalised change & adoption strategies – we do it all! To find out more, fill out the form below, or email us at [email protected]


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