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Employee engagement best practices: Transform your team

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Employee engagement best practices: Transform your team

In the evolving workplace, with home working and flexibility becoming commonplace, it is more important than ever to ensure that all employees are happy, engaged and confident in their career.


And with a happy staff, it follows that a business will go from strength to strength through motivation and drive.


But how can you ensure you get the absolute best out of everyone you work with?


Check out some of the key employee engagement best practices to help boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace, whether working virtually or in person.


Stay humble

Microsoft technology is designed to empower everyone, from the tech savvy to the tech newbies. It has the power to transform a small business, boost productivity in a large corporation or simply improve an individual’s skill set.


When implementing changes to the way you work, it is vital to make it clear that it is accessible to all, it is not simply for those with years of experience. This will inspire as many employees as possible to try something new and want to learn more.



Training passionate and engaged employees to be Digital Champions can help them recognise the value of technology and share knowledge with their peers.


By learning how to utilise Microsoft 365 and giving your Digital Champions control over their skills, they will feel more confident and, in turn, want to encourage teammates to try new things.


Accelerate other learning and development within the company through webinars, quizzes, seminars and presentations by experts in their field, for example.


For more information on our Digital Champions programme, check out our upcoming free webinar on how to build a successful champions network!


Celebrate achievements

Another of the key employee engagement best practices is getting a workplace to run smoothly is no easy feat – it takes hard work and dedication. It’s one thing to encourage a team to work harder but it’s important to ensure that achievements are acknowledged and celebrated – send out a congratulatory email, launch incentives to reward successes, hold company-wide meetings to raise awareness of good work – so get creative with it and demonstrate that hard work is worth it.


As well, be clear in what work is expected from everyone. Transparency is vital to engagement, as unwanted surprises could demoralise and cause unnecessary stress for staff.



Stay in touch, even when working from home, with regular email updates from management, departments and the overall company, 1:1 Teams calls, Teams chats, Yammer groups, workshops, webinars, team building games, regular socialising and more.


Asking for feedback on successes and struggles will ensure employees feel listened to and respected, plus working to ensure any issues are dealt with and improved upon.


Trust people

Lastly, trust is one of the cornerstones of success – if you can’t trust yourself or your company, how can you expect to boost employee engagement best practices and feel like a trustworthy employer.


Equally, put trust in your employees. Have confidence in their abilities and give them control over their projects. If a person knows their boss has faith in them, they will be more inclined to push themselves to achieve bigger and better things.


We are the employee engagement experts and can answer all your questions as well as help your organisation to embed these best practices in days, not months. There’s so many new and exciting O365 features that you can use to support your colleagues. For more information on our employee engagement best practices, contact us via the form below or at [email protected]



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