Introducing Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning removes the traditional obstacles found in an organisation by making learning a natural part of the day. This serves to help build a better and more engaged culture within an organisation.

What is Viva Learning?

Microsoft Viva Learning helps create an agile culture of learning, making formal and informal learning widely accessible.

Learning lets people pin a learning tab to any Teams channel for access whenever is needed and pulls on different sources including LinkedIn LearningMicrosoft LearnSkillsoft, company specific learning and more.

It helps you to create a learning culture that empowers people to be their best by exploring new things during their workday.

By bringing learning into Teams, it’s easier than ever to find the information you need to help grow careers and contribute to a successful business.

Why Microsoft Viva Learning?

For many, learning in the workplace is seen as more of an obstacle and burden than worthwhile – it is not a natural part of the day. Viva Learning makes learning a natural part of the day and its seamless integration with Teams helps it become more accessible.

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Microsoft Viva Learning’s Solution

Learning in the flow of work

Incorporate learning into the tools people already use with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

Simplified learning

Bring together learning content and tools from different sources in one central hub.

Personalised and relevant

Find the right content and discover new skills with personalised recommendations and search.

Assign courses to employees

Managers can assign courses to address any skills gaps and can see the status of learning tasks they have assigned and everyone’s completion status.

If a line manager wants their team to learn certain tech topics across the coming 2 weeks, they could put deadlines against that and those tagged will get a notification in Teams alerting them to the training recommendation – both employee and manager can see the deadlines of learning tasks.

Employees can customise what and how they learn in ‘My learning’ view. Here they can select courses to help them grow in their career, and the simple view shows assigned learning tasks, while Viva’s AI offers personalised recommendations.

Download our training guide of Viva Learning scenarios that managers and learners find most helpful.

Want to see Viva in action?

Book a free demo with one of our Microsoft 365 specialists!

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