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Microsoft Power Pages enable a safe and secure integration between your business data and external audiences.

Communicate With Audiences Via The Web

Focus on content delivery


Microsoft's proven framework already looks after the integration between your business data and the web. Power Pages helps us focus on the way that content is delivered rather than complex integration projects to reduce risk and cost.

Latest web standards


Power Pages utilises common modern web practices and is delivered on top of the Bootstrap framework to deliver a mobile & cloud first approach to your website out-of-the-box.

Delivered on Dataverse


Power Pages uses components delivered within Dataverse, meaning that we can easily configure Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Apps using the same data. Power Virtual Agents can also be integrated into Power Pages to remove the burden of common requests from your staff.

Deliver to Targeted Audiences

Power Pages can deliver to a range of individuals, and are not just a solution for business to consumer (B2C) audiences. Do you have a set of suppliers that work alongside your organisation to deliver a service? Power Pages can ensure that contractors, partners, concierge, and even employees get the right subset of data delivered to them in an interface that works for them, without having to license the users for the full capabilities internally that they may not need to make use of due to their day job.

Only Pay For What You Use

With Microsoft’s licensing model for Power Pages, the ongoing cost of your portal increase and decreases as usage does too. Typically, cost is based upon the number of sessions by a logged in user, or for unauthenticated users, by page visit. There is a sliding scale, but it’s worth speaking to us if you have any queries regarding the pricing. Microsoft look after the rest, and ensure that the uptime rates are kept high by using their proven Azure services.

The History Of Power Pages

You may not know this, but the ‘portal’ concept has been around as long as Dynamics CRM. Originally owned by a third party, Microsoft acquired (what became) Power Apps Portals and improved the quality of configuration and content creation through friendly interfaces. Power Pages is the evolution of Power Apps Portals, built upon the same robust architecture but with updated web standards and many new graphical user interface features.

How Can Changing Social Help?

Our team of Power Platform experts have delivered Power Pages in all of its previous forms as well as its current iteration. We are also experienced in delivering the business applications that create the data that drives interaction on the portal. We can help determine the validity of delivering a portal for your processes through qualification workshops.

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