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Power Platform Centre of Excellence

Introducing the Power Platform
Centre Of Excellence

Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) offering takes a look at the maturity of your organisation in respect to the Power Platform, and helps you to define a
strategy and roadmap to expand your digital assets. We define maturity across five levels (100-500), and help you to implement a platform ready for

Success Factors

We help you to discover the current state of play through a series of workshops and by installing the Centre of Excellence starter kit with you. From here, we look at your current circumstances, identify ‘what good looks like’, and help you to execute this.

Success Accelerators

Once we’ve set the foundations for a successful implementation of a Power Platform strategy, we help you to onboard the rest of the organisation through ideation and inspiration, and executive sponsorship.


We understand that some organisations have in-house capability and may have already carried out some of these actions themselves. Our flexible approach ensures that we are collectively and constantly moving forward with progression towards success, no matter how much or how little support you need.

Maturity Identification

We objectively help each other to understand your current circumstances in the Power Platform. Each one of our maturity levels has a pre-defined set of activities and pre-requisites, to ensure that you have a clear and progressive strategy mapped out from your current level to the desired level.


Initially we will work with you to ensure that your CoE Starter Kit is up and running. This, alongside workshops, will help us to discover all of the information that we need to feed into the strategy.


Now that we have everything in place technically to ensure that you’re set up for success, we need to ensure that the organisation can take ownership of the data. In level 300, we put meaning to this through analytics and reporting, IT Admin training, and we also start the executive sponsorship campaign ahead of onboarding end users.


You are now set up for building momentum across the whole organisation within the Power Platform, and it’s time to explore other services. Perhaps you want to build a citizen developer community through our Citizen Developer University, or want to look at developing more complex apps and automations with our consultants. The choice is yours.


Once the strategy and roadmap have been defined, we then help you to enable all of the core features of the Starter Kit, which will help you to put in place a Governance, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and Security protocol for long term use.


IT Administrators and executives are now bought into the Power Platform journey, safe in the knowledge that Governance has been delivered. We now turn our attention towards the potential citizen developers and end users of the Power Platform to inspire ideas through our End User Adoption activities.

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