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Microsoft Power Automate can help you with personal productivity and business processes by automating common trends.

Streamline productivity with Automation

Free up time


By reducing manual processes, you can free up more time to focus on the role you perform instead of having to repeat common tasks.

Streamline processes


Connect processes and create a single way of completing the same task, increasing consistency and productivity.

Quality of Data


By automating processes you can guarantee that all data will be entered and transformed in the same way every single time, producing outputs that you can rely on every single time.

How Can I Automate?

Cloud flows provide the ability to connect to hundreds of different data sources, which can be combined to create a sequence of events in multiple systems. Need to automatically create a Planner item based on assigned List item in SharePoint? No problem. This also works for third party services too, and a full list of connectors with triggers and actions can be found here.

Automate With Ease

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) via Desktop flows help us when cloud flows aren’t applicable, particularly when dealing with
on-premise or legacy systems. This application is free to use and comes installed as standard on Windows 11, providing a series of actions available for traditional desktop applications, as well as the ability to record steps following the users actions and key presses.

Create Expert Business Flows

Commonly associated with model-driven Power Apps and first introduced by Dynamics CRM & Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Business Process flows provide the ability to outline a critical path process to ensure that all end users are carrying out the same checks in order to complete the objective.


Our Power Platform team Our team of Power Platform consultants have experience building all three types of automations in a range of industries, allowing us to understand where value can be added quickly.


Like all organisations, we have a lot of data! We treat our own projects like client projects, and we have delivered a whole host of automations internally to practice what we preach. We are a working example of how powerful Power Automate can be.


We can help you to identify 'what good looks like' by validating use cases already defined by your non-technical end users.

Streamline productivity with Automation

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