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Digital Champions are an engaged group of passionate employees, who recognise the value of technology, who are committed and unselfishly help their colleagues adopt new ways of working.


Promote the evergreen

As Microsoft 365 evolves as a Software As A Service (SaaS) its features are automatically updated, including changes to the user interface and application icons. Digital Champions allows for these changes to be broadcast across your organisation at scale so everyone is in the loop about the most recent updates. 


Develop new ways of working

Your Champions are the individuals who possess the power to innovate better ways of working due to their proficiency within their role. They will understand best on how technology can make their lives easier.


Scale through their networks

Research carried out by Microsoft discovered that the most effective way of learning was between co-workers. By leveraging the high influence a Digital Champion has within their sector, your employee base has a vast, accessible knowledge pool to up-skill themselves within Office 365. We ran a questionnaire at Durham University on why they want to become a Digital Champion and the most common response was to help their team work more efficiently.

Building a sustainable Digital Champions community is the icing on the cake, but it is one of the hardest facets to achieve in digital transformation. A successful Champions Network is a sure sign that every aspect of your adoption is working, from the strategy to the plan and activities. 


What makes the perfect Digital Champion?

Champions are those engaged and influential employees within all levels of the organisation. They encourage new ways of working by advocating, leading by example and supporting their teams to adopt new technologies.  

You have the foundations of a Champion when they:

  • Self-select to support the project objectives.
  • Demonstrate influencing and leadership qualities.
  • Have a growth mindset: technologically savvy, or have a willingness to learn.

Digital Champions reside throughout your organisation, from the top floor to the shop floor. An Executive with a responsibility for driving the corporate agenda or a frontline worker who is an expert within their role are great candidates as both are held in high esteem by their peers.

Team leaders and heads of departments are also good places to recruit Champions as they are in positions of power and influence. If your culture includes organisational committees, sports teams or task forces then they are likely areas to find potential Champions.

Self-nominating Champions are a good sign that the individual is willing and committed to change and the transformation of your business. It is also a great sign that your Champions recruitment campaign is working and being communicated effectively.


Does your business need help to adopt Microsoft 365 and its many tools? Does the Digital Champions as a Service product sound like something that could help your organisation? Contact us via the form below or email us at [email protected] for a chat.


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