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Take The PULP Challenge

What is the PULP Challenge?

Go Paperless, Be sustainable & Automate your approval Processes with office 365.

This unique competition could give you the opportunity to say goodbye to your old, tedious and inefficient paper-based approval processes and hello to productive and effective automation.

Simply put, we want to streamline sustainability & productivity within your organisation. We have helped some of the largest brands on this planet solve business challenges using the Microsoft Power Platform and we can help you too.

We love finding environmentally friendly solutions to make work easy for you and your colleagues in addition to reducing your carbon footprint.

All you need to do is send us your existing paper-based approval process using the form below, for a chance to win a free tailored Power Automate training day for you and your organisation.


Fill in the form below


Submit your paper processes


Win FREE Power Automate training day


Why Automation?

Making life easier is one of our over-riding objectives. We want to make work easier for you and your people, and we want to help you make it easier for your customers to interact with you. Automation is a fantastic way to do this. We can help you automate manual paper-based processes, freeing up time and energy to spend with your customers on more high-value tasks, and making life easier for everyone in the process.

Environmental & Sustainability benefits

Improve overall efficiency in the business

Increase collaboration & communication

Save money in reducing postage and stationary costs

What we do.

At Changing Social, we’re automation and change management experts. This is how we do it…

Identify the process


We can also illustrate the time and effort savings you could make, helping you to make the case for the change within your organisation.

Build the workflow


Next we'd work with your develop a workflow map that articulated the end to end process.

Build the automation


Once everyone is happy with the automation, we will help to deploy this within your business.

Fill in the form for a chance to win a free
Power Automate training day

If you’re interested in discussing how Changing Social can help your organisation adopt new ways of working we’d love to hear from you!