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Employees who feel they work in meaningful jobs and are managed well not only feel happier but are more secure and drive productivity and innovation. This symbiotic relationship between business and worker lies within the heart of employee engagement. This article will breakdown what employee engagement is, its benefits, the 10 C’s which contribute towards it and how Microsoft’s applications facilitate engagement and culture.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees are personally involved in the success of a business. This means it is a measure of how passionate and motivated employees feel about their job and role within a company.  Employee engagement is an approach to work that aims to ensure all members have the right conditions to thrive and are committed to their organisation’s goals, values and mission. For a leader to sustain a good level of employee engagement they must comprehend the 10 C’s and integrate them into their everyday practices.

The 10 C’s of employee engagement

Employee Engagment

What benefits does this bring?

 A focus on engagement can produce tangible benefits for businesses, studies have shown that employee engagement strategies:

·         Reduce staff turnover –  According to research from Willis Towers Watson, over one quarter of employees in the UK are at a high risk of leaving their jobs. Employee Engagement reduces this risk by ensuring employees are engaged and passionate about the company they work for.

 ·         Improve productivity and efficiency – Organisations in the top quartile for employee engagement had 18% higher productivity than those in the bottom quartile. One study conducted on an insurance company, found that the teams with higher engagement ratings had 35% less down time between calls. This translated to the equivalent of an extra employee’s worth of work for every 8 employees.

 ·         Create happy and healthier employees – Employee wellbeing and workforce engagement are intrinsically linked. Studies have shown organisations in the bottom quartile for engagement rankings average 62% more accidents and employees are also at risk from stress related issues.

 ·         Translate to better customer experiences – Having happy and engaged employees translates directly to improved customer experience through better interactions and due diligence.

 How do we achieve successful employee engagement?

 When proper employee engagement offers so many benefits, we must ask ourselves – “how can we achieve proper employee engagement?”. Some simple strategies to boost employee engagement are:

·         Write an ‘engaged purpose’ for your staff – Most businesses have a mission statement or vision statement that are written for stakeholders and customers, not employees. An engaged purpose is a statement written for your employees that communicates what your company does and most importantly why.

·         Listen to your teams – By providing a way for employees to feedback anonymously, you will hear their honest opinion and be better informed to make the changes to engage them better.

·         Highlight their contribution to the organisation – Employees who understand how they fit in the company and the part they play are more likely to feel engaged. By feeding back when they contribute, they will find more purpose in their work.

·         Make engagement a permanent focus – By demonstrating that engagement is a permanent focus for the business, not just a passing trend, you will affect an actual change in culture opposed to a fad which may disengage them further.


A clear focus on employee engagement offers businesses tangible benefits by reducing turnover, improving productivity and ensuring a better customer experience. Starting the process of employee engagement can be as simple as providing mechanisms for your employees to provide feedback anonymously – so why not start today!

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