Keep your lone workers safe

Create safeguards around your lone workers by deploying technology to protect their personal safety and offer support while in the field. Develop apps to track them and provide instant support if and when they need it

Stay compliant on the job

Give your team access to learning resources in the palm of their hands. With Office 365 you can create bespoke training apps and quizzes to test your team’s knowledge and ensure they are always fully compliant.

Embrace automation

Remove paper-based systems once and for all with automated workflows. We can help you digitise your processes, making it quicker and easier for your teams to fill in standard checks and on-site assessments with automated tools.

We understand that…

Lone workers and those on the frontline are typically hard to reach. Using digital technology, you can connect them to your broader business, benefit from their insights, ensure their safety, and share essential information directly with them.

Keeping your staff up to date with the latest training and compliance requirements can be challenging. Using automation to flag when training is due and having a tailored training app to ensure it can be done on the go could help.

In complex projects it can be tricky to manage several stakeholders and contractors. Having collaborative tools that everyone has access to, can support PMs to retain control and ensure projects get delivered on time and to budget

Heavy machinery in use with sparks flying

Use apps within Office 365 to manage your complex projects.

From capturing project requirements in OneNote, to planning detailed action lists in Planner, Office 365 gives you tools to keep your team across the detail of your project every step of the way.

Develop solutions for engaging with your frontline and provide a two-way loop for them to share their experiences with you at head office.

Often those in the field are closest to the customer – by giving them tools to report incidents and share ideas you can learn quickly how to better support your customers.

Develop the digital skills of your office-based teams and leaders, as well as those out in the field.

Give them to confidence and knowledge to use the Office tools to improve their lives and be more productive at work.

Whether it’s accessing corporate information, taking part online meetings or reviewing tasks, we can help.

Our work with Dyson…

We helped develop the Microsoft Teams adoption strategy for end users. Ensuring the communications, champions and training activities were built and designed for scalable and rapid delivery…

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