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Office 365 Productivity in Healthcare

Office 365 in Healthcare

Healthcare is a complex, multi-disciplinary sector requiring a large number of people, skills and expertise to come together to support patients with care when they need it most.

Having secure, trusted systems that allows clinicians, administrators and healthcare workers to work together, share ideas and support patients and colleagues is vital.

Office 365 can be used to do just that.

Replacing myriad systems and processes that exist in many healthcare settings, Office 365 can significantly improve healthcare productivity with a suite of cloud-based, secure and stable tools that are available when the patient and healthcare professionals need them.

Engage. Communicate. Collaborate.

Engage staff across your hospital or trust

With so many employees working in your healthcare setting at different locations and on different shift patterns, it can be challenging to bring them all together and share important information about your organisation.


Office 365 has a number of comms and engagement tools to help you do this.


From a SharePoint intranet to share company-wide information and stories, to Yammer where staff can collaborate, share and celebrate achievements, O365 can help you all keep connected and join the dots in a big business.

Get urgent information

You know that things change quickly and without warning in a healthcare, so getting new up-to-date information to your healthcare professionals with speed is vital.


Office 365 allows you to use Company Communicator app in Teams to do this at scale and in seconds. Simply write your message and post it to the people who need to receive it. They will get a notification in their Teams channel on their mobile device, and know that there’s something urgent they need to read and respond to.


You can also direct them to your SharePoint intranet with a link in the message, so they can read more information and complete a Form to record they have read the document, giving you an audit trail so you can follow up with staff if necessary.

Collaborate to create patient care plans

Work with colleagues across the healthcare spectrum to create patient care plans. Using OneNote, you can capture information from triage through to diagnosis and treatment plan in one easy-to-use location that can be accessed quickly and easily.


Staff with access to that patient’s records can continue to update the plan, report back on treatment efficacy and record discharge notes for future clinicians to access.


Having an end-to-end view of a patient record, accessible to those looking after the patient can ensure a streamlined care experience for the patient and reduces the need for them to have to repeat their history, improving productivity for all involved.

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Improve Productivity With Office 365

Ask a specialist a question

Not sure what an acronym means? Can’t read someone else’s handwriting? Office 365 means you no longer have to make an educated guess. Using Yammer, you can reach out to other specialists in your organisation and get them to answer questions you may not have the answers to.


As an enterprise social network, Yammer is a platform for share ideas and collaborate with people outside of your immediate team – particularly useful if a patient has been referred to you and you have some follow up questions for their previous care team.

Covid-safe meetings with patients

Keeping staff and patients safe during the pandemic has proven to be tricky for so many in the healthcare sector. Using Teams to make video calls can reduce the number of consultations that need to take place in person, making them safer for both parties.


With Teams you can record calls, then add the recordings and automatic transcripts to the patient’s notes making it even more productive, and saving time for assistants typing out notes.

Continual learning

Healthcare professionals are known for their desire and willingness to keep up with the latest innovations and learn from their peers. Office 365 provides the ideal platform to do this.


From sharing case notes in OneNote and giving virtual lectures through Live Events, to hosting videos of procedures on Stream and sharing resources through SharePoint, your team can build up their own catalogue of curated learning material that can be easily searched by topic with Delve.

Let Office 365 do the work for you

Manage your shifts and rosters

Gone are the days of having to publish rosters and display them on the walls of the breakout room. Use the Shifts app in Teams to plan and publish staff work schedules so they can see where and when they are needed.


Shifts also gives staff the opportunity to swap shifts and request holidays from the app, meaning they can do this on an evening or weekend using their own personal devices. Both manager and employee will always have the latest, up-to-date roster available in the palm of their hands ensuring there is never any confusion over who is working when.

Keep patient records safe and secure

Patient data security is something we all care deeply about. With Azure Information Protection in Office 365, you can be sure that your encrypted patient records are always safely stored in the cloud.


With permission settings and multi-factor authentication, you can be sure that patient data is held safely and only accessible to those who need to see it.

Get feedback on your services

It’s important to know if you’re doing a good job or if there is room for improvement with your services.


Forms in Teams allows you to pulse check your patients and staff through the creation of simple surveys.


Get real-time feedback from staff through polls in Teams and Yammer.


Ask them what they thought of a new policy, gather their ideas for solving a company-wide issue or take the temperature of the organisation on a particular topic quickly and easily.

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Office 365 can significantly help productivity in healthcare. Talk to our team of Office 365 adoption experts today to find out more about how we can support you.

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