Teams Training

Zoom not working, Google Hangouts hanging up on you? We’ve got you covered…

Changing Social have a rapid deployment service to get your end users up to speed on how to use Microsoft Teams as quickly as possible.

We offer remote end user training to cover the basics on working from home, enabling you to work just as if you were back in the office.

Our Teams training covers four modules:

Module 1: Introducing MS Teams

Module 2: Teams and Channels

Module 3: Teams Conversations

Module 4: Working with files in Teams

Get in touch today to learn more and schedule your first training session.

Still only using MS Teams for Meetings?

How would you like to transform the way you work and say goodbye to hitting ‘reply all’ in Outlook?

Changing Social specialises in helping organisations get the very most out of Microsoft Teams.

“We rolled out Microsoft Teams to over 10,000 of our colleagues worldwide within months. Having worked with Changing Social, they have been fantastic, I can say that we couldn’t have done this with out them.

— Heather Newman, Hillrom