New ways of working

Modernise your ways of working; create more digital systems, reduce reliance on paper-based processes and offer your citizens digital platforms to help them interact with your services.

Upskill your people

Giving your people the opportunity to grow their digital literacy and confidence will help them to be able to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Greater transparency

Maximise the benefits of the Office 365 suite to create greater transparency and accountability in meetings, reporting and information governance.

We understand that…

You have a madidate to digitise society and the communities which you support. As a public body, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve engagement and understand your citizens’ needs through appropriate use of digital technology.

This could include streamlining business processes that may no longer be fit for purpose, and digitising paper-based systems, as well as finding ways to listen to your citizens.

Doing so successfully will help you to better deploy your finite resources and enable you to deliver an even better service to your citizens.

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Sharing and collaborating safely

Use Office 365 tools like Teams and SharePoint to share documents within your organisation and with partners. You can even work on them at the same time, giving you a truly collaborate experience in a secure environment.

Interact with your citizens

Give your local residents and service users the opportunity to interact digitally with you and your team. Using Office 365 apps and tools you can hear what they’re thinking and solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Improve employee engagement

Help your staff know what’s happening in the organisation with improved internal communications and engagement. Office 365 offers tools for intranets, enterprise social media and more.

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Transforming Local Government to the Modern Workplace

We’ve helped Suffolk County Council deploy Microsoft Live Events to hold highly engaging Council Meetings and public consultations in a fair and inclusive manner.