Struggling with remote work burnout? Need to enhance team collaboration and wellbeing? Discover how to foster a healthy, innovative, and empowered workplace with our exclusive webinar.

Join us for a transformative journey where we explore:

Viva Insights: A game-changer in managing work-life balance, focusing on critical tasks, and prioritising wellbeing. Learn how personal insights, AI-based suggestions, focus time, virtual commutes, and more can redefine your work routines.

Viva Glint: Your next-generation tool for capturing the voice of your organisation. From custom surveys to real-time analytics and actionable insights, Glint enables a powerful conversation between leadership and employees.

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  • Understanding Microsoft Viva: Dive into the core applications and features of Viva Insights and Viva Glint.
  • Tackling Common Pain Points: Discover how these tools address real-world challenges in workplace collaboration, engagement, and wellbeing.
  • Success Stories: Learn from real-world applications that have transformed organisations.
  • Strategic Approach: Understand how to effectively implement and leverage Viva in your workplace.