Join us for an exclusive 45-minute webinar: ” Unlocking Digital Innovation with Power Platform University”. Formerly known as Citizen Developer University (CDU), our newly rebranded Power Platform University offers a comprehensive pathway to mastering digital innovation within your organisation. This session is aimed at leaders and innovators keen to fully utilise the Power Platform to drive their business forward.

Explore the foundational pillars of successful Power Platform implementation: Governance, Maturity, Citizen Developers, and Building Communities. Gain insights into navigating the complexities of digital governance, evaluating and enhancing your organisation’s maturity with the Power Platform, empowering your citizen developers, and cultivating a thriving community that fosters innovation and collaboration.

Whether you’re embarking on your Power Platform journey or seeking to expand your existing initiatives, this webinar will equip you with strategic insights and actionable advice to unlock the transformative potential of the platform. Register now to secure your place in “Introducing Power Platform University” and take a pivotal step towards revolutionising your digital capabilities.


  • Overview of Power Platform University
  • Governance in the Power Platform
  • An introduction to the Power Platform Maturity Model
  • Empowering Citizen Developers
  • Fostering Power Platform Communities
  • Q&A