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Microsoft Viva Insights

What is Viva Insights?

Over the past few years, the world has seen an increase in burnout as people feel more disconnected from colleagues as a result of hybrid working

Microsoft Viva Insights has been developed specifically to help you feel connected whilst allowing Managers to keep on top of their teams productivity and implement changes to improve wellbeing if necessary.  

Viva insights helps you identify opportunities to build better habits thanks to personal insights that offer actionable recommendations, such as focus time, taking regular breaks and practicing mindfulness. 

Why Viva Insights?

Stay connected and on top of collaboration with colleagues daily 

Send praise to colleagues privately or via a Teams channel as and when it is deserved 

Set breaks throughout the day to ensure maximum productivity and wellbeing 

Protect time to eliminate distractions and prioritise important projects 

Undertake reflection time and check in on yourself 

Have some guided meditation time with Headspace  

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Viva Personal Insights

Individuals receive personal insights visible only to them to help identify opportunities to change how they work so they can do their best work.

Actionable recommendations, such as recharging with a quick mental break, protecting time for focused work, and mindfully disconnecting after-hours, make it easier to prioritise wellbeing and boost productivity.​

Protect time in the day for regular breaks, focused work, and learning​

Receive valuable insights to improve your work patterns using personalised dashboard and digest emails

Data-driven insights to help you build better work habits

White tablet showing the Microsoft Viva Insights homepage in Microsoft Teams

Viva Manager Insights

Managers can see insights can not only see their insights and suggested actions, the same as ‘Personal Insights’, but they can also learn how their habits impact the team and how to foster a better, more successful team culture.

Foster healthy, successful teams through actionable recommendations​

Data-driven insights to understand the patterns that can lead to burnout and stress for your team​

Address challenges head-on with best practices and supporting research

Want to see Viva in action?

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Viva Leader Insights

The insights include company-wide outcomes and indicators for each outcome – broken down into themes and data sets to help implement changes and improve the wellbeing of your company. 

Drive employee experience transformation by understanding your people and your business with at-a-glance insights.

Quickly generate insights about your business with ready to use reports​

Generate custom insights to address the challenges important to your business​

Quantify the impact of change through custom operational dashboards

What you can expect from us

Explore the complete employee experience

Viva Topics highlights key information, offering an explanation, relevant experts and documents thanks to it’s advanced AI capabilities.

Makes learning a natural part of the day and helps employees learn at their own pace, within Teams, across a variety of subjects.

Viva Connections is a personalised dashboard that offers news, updates, conversations and more, helping you connect with your team.

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