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Have even more fun in your Microsoft Teams meetings

Have even more fun in your Microsoft Teams meetings

Do you want to have some fun in your Teams meetings during these tough stay at home times. You can download and install the Snap Chat Camera filter and easily add it as a camera device in Teams. You can then add lots of different filters from funny hats to a cat sitting on your head. For those that are camera shy with no make up you can even add some make up.

1: Download Snap Camera

The first thing you will need to do is  download and install Snap Camera.  

2: Set up the Snap Camera

Once Snap Camera is downloaded open it and click the cog at the top right of the application. Then go ahead and set your camera up as below.

If you then hit the back button you can go ahead and apply one of the filters.

3: Set Microsoft Teams up to use the Snap Camera

a) Open your meeting options by clicking on the ellipses (…).

b) Open device settings in your Teams meeting menu.

c) Once your device settings pane has opened you will see the Snap Camera Option under you Camera Options.

4. Enjoy hilarious meetings, when at times like these its good to have a little fun 😂😂😂.

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