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Enterprise Social Network

Who Owns The Enterprise Social Network?

There’s no debating that over the past twelve months our employees would have been completely isolated and adrift if it wasn’t for the use of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs).   The surge in remote working cultures has definitely been on the rise in recent years.

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Celebrating Success In A Remote World

Showing our appreciation and recognising people for their efforts is simple yet powerful. However, it is often underrated and underused. And in a remote world with a lack of face-to-face interaction, the need to celebrate success is even more crucial.

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Targeted Comms

Sending Targeted Communications Just Got Easier

In recent months, the shift to remote and hybrid work has led organisations of all sizes, and across every industry, to rethink how their people and teams communicate and collaborate.  During the COVID crisis, many organisations transformed quickly and started

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How to thrive as a virtual employee

This is the second part of our blog series on managing and working in virtual teams. As lockdown comes to an end in the UK, the government advice remains that for those who can work remotely should. There is talk

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A leader working on a laptop

What does a digital leader look like?

Like it or loathe it, it looks like virtual working is here to stay. In the UK we find ourselves in our second national lockdown with many people being asked to work from home again. As winter advances, it’s likely

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Office 365 Quick Wins

If you’re considering a move to Office 365, or you’ve already moved but have yet to adopt the full suite of services into your organisation, then read on.  When purchasing an Office 365 subscription, you get a whole bunch of

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Our Golden Nuggets for Accessibility

We’re constantly learning about new ways to make our content more accessible and inclusive using Microsoft 365. And you can be sure when we find a new trick, we’ll share it with you through our social channels. Here’s a round-up

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10 tips to stay productive in Teams

With remote working fast becoming the new normal, how do you ensure that you stay as productive from home as you are in the office? That’s where Microsoft Teams is a game-changer. It’s designed to keep colleagues productively connected and

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Microsoft Ignite: Our Favourite Updates You Should Know About

Gregg Bainbridge, our excellent Education & Accessibility Lead, has written up some of his thoughts on Microsoft’s Ignite sessions, that you should know about… Microsoft Ignite sessions  It’s been another interesting set of Ignite sessions from Microsoft. Seeing how the different products available to partners and

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Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Stop, collaborate and listen! 

Stop, collaborate and listen!  As part of our Getting Started on Microsoft Teams blog series, this blog is all about collaborating in teams and channels.  You’ll know by now that Teams is your communications hub. With features that allow you to voice and video call, private message and chat with your colleagues,

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Working From Home With Accessible Documents

As more and more of us are working from home, the need for accessible documents is increasingly important. Whether you are sharing and co authoring documents with colleagues, writing reports or producing brochures and one pagers for sales purposes, your

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Why Yammer during Covid-19

For months, and possibly years, corporate communications professionals the world over have been trying to convince their leaders of the benefits of Yammer. Claims of improved staff engagement and promises of real-time, two-way communication have always been offered and backed up by case studies and hard data, but

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The 10 C’s of Employee Engagement

Employees who feel they work in meaningful jobs and are managed well not only feel happier but are more secure and drive productivity and innovation. This symbiotic relationship between business and worker lies within the heart of employee engagement. This

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