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Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can intelligently respond to commonly asked questions using AI.

Expand Support For Your Organisation With an AI Chat Bot

Enable self-serve


By deploying your Power Virtual Agent to a website or to Teams, you can help your end users get to data fast without requiring another user to service their request.

Always on


The responsiveness of your Power Virtual Agent doesn't have to change with your opening hours. Let end users reach the information they need at any time from any

Increase Support Capacity


Let the Power Virtual Agent answer the same questions over and over again whilst your subject matter experts work with more complex and rewarding objectives.

How Does a Power Virtual Agent Interact?

There is great flexibility in the way that your chat bot can engage with end users. The chat bot can wait until prompted by the end user typing a message, or, can proactively reach out to the end user when they visit a particular page on your website.

Using the very same connectors as other Power Platform services, the Power Virtual Agent can dynamically serve data to the user.

Getting Into The Technical

For the more technical, you can use Azure’s Bot Framework Composer to deliver more complicated requests and functions via your Power Virtual Agent chat bot, such as natural language requests to book time in a person’s diary, or, enquiring about the interconnectivity of individuals around the organisation.

Power Virtual Agent Pricing

Whereas the majority of the Power Platform products are licensed on a ‘per user per month’ basis, Power Virtual Agents are based upon the number of ‘sessions’ across the tenant. This means that you only pay for how frequently the chat bot interacts with your audience.

How Can Changing Social Help?

To define a high quality Power Virtual Agent, we recommend following our best practice guidelines within project delivery to ensure that your organisation can get the best out of the AI-powered product. This involves a consultancy-led approach by our Power Platform experts who will dig down into your processes and data, in order to define ‘Topics’ for your Power Virtual Agent to serve up information.

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