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Office 365 As Your Communications Platform

Communications, all in one.

Communication is key – whether you are drafting up an email, giving a presentation, training staff or simply having a conversation. And being able to communicate effectively about company changes, like a Microsoft 365 (M365) transition, to different departments and audiences whilst listening to and adapting to feedback is crucial.  

Our approach to communications

Here at Changing Social, we not only offer support in building out communications across different Microsoft apps, but we also prepare our Digital Champion campaign plans, webinars and training schedules.  

We can prepare a variety of content, including: 

  1. Email content 
  2. Announcements for Teams channels 
  3. Campaign and training collateral  
  4. SharePoint Intranet site content  
  5. Newsletters  
  6. Webinars  
  7. Apps, bots and automation  

And more… 

Reach your front line colleagues

Those colleagues on the front line are the face of your business, yet so often are the people least informed. We can help you engage with traditionally hard-to-reach employees by enabling them with digital tech at their fingertips thanks to Microsoft’s accessibility and multi-platform functionality – access every document you need via your smartphone or tablet 

Targeted Communications

There are so many ways to communicate with colleagues using Microsoft 365 and sometimes that’s the problem, knowing what communications channel to use and when. We can help you develop a communications strategy and plan for M365, looking at your existing communication strategies and building this out with M365 apps.

Community Engagement

Never before has community engagement been so important as people adjust to remote and hybrid working. We have years of experience in creating and sustaining engaging and lasting communities through our Digital Champions, who not only learn more about Microsoft technologies, but also share that knowledge with colleagues – scaling up organisational knowledge.

Microsoft 365 for Impactful Communications

We understand that the Microsoft 365 suite is an effective productivity tool, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, let alone configure and customise it. 

We have compiled a collection of our favourite, articles, blogs and thought leadership in easy to consume accessible formats to help you stay update and well informed. 

If you need any further support or even if you’re not sure where to start please do reach out to one of the team using the form below. 

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