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How To Achieve Purpose and Alignment With Microsoft Viva Goals

How To Achieve Purpose and Alignment With Microsoft Viva Goals

Join us for this Free Webinar on Tuesday, 4th October at 16:00pm BST

Viva Goals allows you to align your organisation’s strategic priorities with individual teams, uniting the entire company around both vision and purpose.

It will give employees a sense of their purpose and impact at work, fostering teams with clear clarity and shared understanding of organisational goals.

Viva Goals lets employees see how their work impacts the business in real-time through Microsoft Teams, allowing them to focus and make the right choices to get the right results.

In this webinar you will learn about Microsoft’s new OKR and goal setting platform Viva Goals and how it can bring purpose, direction and a great employee experience to your organisation.

We cover: 

– An overview of Viva Goals

– Why, how and what are OKR’s?

What lessons have Changing Social learned in 3 months?

Changing Social’s Viva Goals delivery approach through ACM


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