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Digital Champions.

Empowering your people to continuously educate your organisation.

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Encourage your people to thrive securely

Our Digital Champions Program is built on Microsoft’s highly secure GCC High tenancy, specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the US Department of Defense and contractors handling controlled unclassified information.

With a focus on security and safety, champions can trust that their training is taking place in a protected and controlled environment.

Delivered exclusively online through Microsoft Teams, participants have access to the latest Microsoft learning resources and participate in a managed community environment.

By training with Microsoft technology, we aim to provide your champions with the skills and knowledge they need to excel from the beginning.

What Changing Social Provides.

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Benefits of the Digital Champions Program

Digital Champions help people to embrace change and make digital transformation a reality. They use their knowledge and influence to generate enthusiasm for digital innovation and champion the message of digital transformation both externally to colleagues and internally between different areas of the business.

An engaged workforce

Successful and meaningful change has a ripple effect which can be seen as a more engaged workforce.

Access to latest technology

Participants have access to the latest Microsoft learning resources and technology, ensuring they receive the most up-to-date training.

Enhanced security

A GCC High tenancy provides an added layer of security for sensitive information and data.

Trusted training

Participants can trust that the training they receive is taking place in a protected and secure environment, giving them peace of mind.

Improved knowledgeability

By training with Microsoft technology, participants can build their skills and knowledge, providing them with the tools they need to excel from the start.

Controlled environment

The managed community environment within the tenancy allows for better control and management of the Digital Champions program.

How the programme can save you money

Future-proofing your change

Save thousands by reducing the number of calls to your support desk and will allow your IT support to focus on other tasks.

Maximise your investment

By unleashing the potential of the Microsoft 365 products and realising their full capacity, you are saving money on untapped technology.

Investing in your people

Become a driver for increased employee engagement to work more effectively, productively and safely as well as being more innovative. These factors positively impact the bottom line.

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