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Digital Champions Demo

An Overview of Digital Champions.

Join us for this Free Demo on 29th June 2021, 13:00 CST

Our Digital Champions as a service Programme is based on years of experience in building sustainable and engaging communities of engaged employees from across your organisation.

Digital Champion networks that run internally often fail. This is because internal colleagues don’t have the time to run it to it’s full potential. It’s often treated like an add on to a change project, and IT/project teams don’t have enough time to create the learning, community management and keep up the momentum.

At Changing Social, we build and run the champions network for you, so your business can concentrate on the larger projects or programmes. We will help build a self-sustaining network of confident and knowledgeable champions, who can then share their knowledge with the rest of the organisation.

Why Digital Champions for your business?

  • Not using O365 to it’s full potential will result in high cost in untapped       technology. Champions will gain the knowledge to support the       organisation to use the tools to their full capacity.
  • A self sustaining number of champions in the community to support the      evergreen nature of the platform into the future.
  • Accelerate and drive genuine employee engagement as it is an investment      in people’s development of digital skills.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • An overview of Digital Champions – who they are and where to find them          in organisations.
  • Why are Digital Champions and Digital Champion communities so       important.
  • Why communities fail and how to boost engagement.
  • Changing Social’s solution & Demo.
  • Q&A

Register and make your Digital Champions of today, your citizen developers of tomorrow…

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