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We all want a better way to store important files, right? Having many different drives or locations can be confusing and clunky, but Microsoft SharePoint challenges that, becoming an easily accessible one-stop-shop for everything your organisation needs to collate.

Not familiar with SharePoint? It is a great tool to use within your organisation to create internal websites. Within the app, you’re able to store, organise, share and access important information from any device – and it’s all shared to the cloud so save valuable space on your computer.

It works as a shared file repository, a blog site, web content management system and even an intranet. There are countless possibilities to be had, so read on to check out the top 10 reasons you should move across to SharePoint!


1. Multi-purpose functionality

A great benefit of SharePoint is how flexible and collaborative it is. All team members can access documents, manage files and tasks, network with colleagues, find business information and contacts, and more.

For example, if you someone creates a document that needs input from other colleagues, everyone can work independently and all changes are tracked in real-time, so nothing is missed.


2. Centralised administration

You may be worried that if you need to change the configuration at any point, it could be complicated and frustrating, however the app makes it easy via its central administration console.

All changes can be made in one single location rather than having to go through individual pages. Within the console, you are able to change application management features, SharePoint farms, system settings, backups and restorations, SharePoint upgrades, security settings and general application settings – all from one convenient space.

So, keep control of SharePoint regardless of how widespread it is.


3. Customisable 

One of the great aspects of the app is the option to either keep the default SharePoint features and benefits or tailor them to suit your organisation.

You can build custom elements within the app or get SharePoint developers to build you custom applications to connect to ensure your teams have instant access to everything they need, in one place.

There’s also the option to adapt the interface with your branding to help provide a more positive experience for employees.


4. Document management and collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 makes it possible to organize your company’s information in an accessible manner. The central benefits of SharePoint include a streamlined flow of information and cloud storage that can be accessed by mobile devices.

Informed employees make better decisions, meet deadlines, understand the shared business strategy, and contribute better to it. File sharing on SharePoint is done by a simple click or touch of a button. Yes, mobility is one of the numerous benefits of SharePoint 2013.


5. Site consolidation

You can integrate all your shared work environment into one platform which will save money and time with regards to organisation and management of platforms. By being consolidated, it is easier to access and manage internet and intranet sites.


6. Integration with existing apps

SharePoint seamlessly integrates with the rest of your Microsoft 365 apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange, and more.

If you use SharePoint Online, it is compatible with all web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, as well as smartphones.


7. Safe and secure

SharePoint has advanced security features to reduce the risk of outages and unauthorised access. Users can specify security settings to comply with their specific regulations, as well as set storage and auditing policies and actions to take if business records expire.

These features also include new workflow upgrades and authentication enhancements, and access/editing privileges can be set at the document or item level. Overall, SharePoint promises improved security for all organisations, especially those with sensitive data.


8. Content delivery and management

There are many types of content an organisation will prepare, from blogs to social media posts, internal communications and more. Often this content requires approvals, feedback and edits from numerous employees, which can be time consuming.

With SharePoint, you are able to prepare, submit and schedule content quickly and due to the collaborative nature of the software, approvals take no time and multiple actors can work on a document at once.

There’s an option to cater for multilingual companies, allowing for translations, and the variety of templates can help navigate between an original document and its translations with ease.


9. Increased productivity

Finding a file can be a frustrating and time-consuming process – most organisations have had trouble finding an archived document in the past. But if all documents are consolidated on SharePoint, it’s quick and easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

There’s the option to organise the site to have only the folders/subfolders you need, which is great for both employees and business managers.


10. You don’t have to be tech-savvy

One of the great benefits to SharePoint software is how easy it is to create an up-to-date and relevant site with minimal tech experience. You don’t have to know how to code to create an attractive and functional site, as the tools and features available internally make it simple to build out.

This means you can build an entire website from scratch, update an existing one or create a specialised online tool or app for employees with ease.


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