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Top 5 SWAG items from Microsoft Inspire 2019 edition

Items from the Microsoft Inspire event in 2019

Top 5 SWAG items from Microsoft Inspire 2019 edition

Microsoft Inspire is now over for another year and after a manic week in Las Vegas we can finally sit back and reflect on the whole experience. So, let’s get right into the nitty gritty and look at the top 5 swag items our fellow Microsoft Partners and Microsoft themselves kindly offered!


We ranked the swag based on four criteria; originality, cool factor, quality and practicality. We then took the average to provide a final score. It was a tight contest, with many items narrowly missing out on the top spots(not you fidget spinners).


5. Synnex – Corporation Hangover Kit

The first swag item to break into our top 5 list is Synnex Corporation’s hangover kit. This kind gesture to helping those attendees who “networked” a little too hard caught our eye. One can easily take it a little too far during Inspire’s social hours, but you will still make next morning’s core note thanks to all these amenities including: aspirin, vitamin C solutes, sanitising gel, basic first aid pack and even a couple of lollipops for good measure! We thank you Synnex Corporation for looking out for us hard party goers and pathetic lightweights.



4. Microsoft – Aloe Burn Pack

It was an absolute scorcher this year in Vegas with an average high of 42 degrees Celsius. The streets were gridlocked most of the day, air-conditioned transport took priority over punctuality. Those of you that hold a light complexion, exposing your skin to that level of UV intensity can redden your epidermis within mere minutes. Microsoft have got your back! Their biodegradable, cruelty free Aloe Vera package covers you on all bases. Factor 30 sunscreen protection for prevention and aloe sunburn relief jelly for treating that redness. They have even got your lips covered with their Aloe lip balm! This all comes in a waterproof, saleable package, complete with a trusty carabiner clip.



3. Suse – Chameleon plush toy

Who can say no to a cute plush toy? Inspire had a few to offer but the quality and design of Suse’s green chameleon got them the bronze spot on our list. An impressive depiction of their logo, along with the clever use of embroidery pushed this swag item above the rest of its kind. This plushie was very quickly adopted by our office and has become a firm favourite of our Operations Manager Georgie who decided to gender identify it as male and name him Cam.



2. TIBCO – Pocket Humidifier

In second place is an unlikely hero, the black sheep amongst the swag titans! Congratulations TIBCO, your pocket humidifier was constantly used by us in the sweltering 40 plus degree Vegas heat. We may have been living under a rock, but we have never seen anything like this before! We had to make up the name ‘pocket humidifier’ for the purpose of this article. Easy one-click action to use and environmentally friendly with its hand pump activation feature. Its impressive hydrating radius ensures that you get large surface area cooling when on the move.



1. China Mobile – Travel Kit

Taking the top spot in our Microsoft Inspire 2019 swag list is China Mobile’s travel kit. This caught our attention from the other side of the showroom just because of how great it looks. The bag has twelve interior compartments, a pen holder and an exterior pouch for your quick access items such as a boarding pass. Its surface is waterproof polyester with a durable nylon interior, both separated by foam padding. A fabulous gift from China Mobile and a great inspiration for what we can offer in future.


Thanks for reading our top 5 swag items from Microsoft Inspire 2019. Let us know if you agree with our choices and how you think they match up to our Changing Social Vegas-themed Poker Chips. Feel free to post your own swag stash that we may have missed out on this year at Inspire.


Tune in next year where we will see what swag innovations have been made by us Microsoft Partners, and Microsoft themselves – roll on Inspire 2020!




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