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Tips for hosting the ULTIMATE virtual party!

a huge golden balloon with a glitterball and confetti

Tips for hosting the ULTIMATE virtual party!

As we’re now unable to meet up in groups of more than six people, it makes physical party hosting and attending rather impossible these days. A virtual party is the way to go. How can you host a virtual party?


Having spent a lot of time in lockdown doing this, we’ve got some great ideas how you can hold the ultimate birthday bash from the comfort of your own home using Office 365. 


The Virtual Party Basics: Party location 

Teams is built for this. You can have up to 250 people at your party, and now with the enhanced features, you can see them all. You could even arrange the screen, so everyone was sat around a table – perfect if you’re having a virtual dinner party. 


Dress up for the occasion 

Just because you’re not going out for a night on the tiles doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a new frock. And if budgets are tight, why not pop on a virtual outfit? The amazing team behind Snap Camera have some great ideas for headwear, including a potato!  


You can also dress up your room, giving yourself a virtual background to get you in the party mood. Have a look at our blog on Snap Camera to get started. 


Party games for a Virtual Party?

Online games are the way to go when it comes to having a fun virtual party. While we may have all reached saturation point with online quizzes, there are loads of other options you can use.  


Why not play a game of virtual bingo or a virtual board game? If you don’t want to download software or just want to keep it simple, a fun game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ is always guaranteed laughs.  


If you want to keep it clean (read: mum is playing) try BOMB. You start with naming an actor, the next person names a movie or show they were in, and the next person names an actor from that movie or show, and so it goes on. If you can’t think of an answer, you have to take a letter B-O-M-B and the first to spell the word is out. You could play it with musiciansfootballers or cricketers too. 


Food for thought 

There are loads of ways to make food part of the Virtual party. From all ordering a meal from the same takeaway, to selecting a cuisine that everyone has to cook a meal from. You can then play ‘rate my plate’ using a Form or polling tool in Teams. 


Whatever you do, enjoy your party and be sure to share any of your great ideas with us.

It’s our 2nd birthday…and we will be using all of these tips!



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