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How one conversation (and training) changed everything…

two female co workers sat on a window sill smiling and laughing

How one conversation (and training) changed everything…

I was talking to a client the other day about some upcoming Microsoft training sessions we were planning with her business. “Teams? We’re all over that. We’ve been using Teams to keep in touch since the Coronavirus outbreak, so we’re all good. We won’t need any Microsoft Teams training.”


We then had a chat about how they were using Teams and what parts of the tool they were familiar with. She explained that they used it for meetings and video conferencing.


“Oh great”, I said, “I bet the translation tool is fantastic when you’re having meetings with your overseas offices. It really helps that PowerPoint can do real-time captioned translation into your chosen language.”


“Can it?”, she replied. “That’s amazing, I had no idea. That’ll be really useful for one of our colleagues who is deaf.”


“Yes, it will”, I said, “though there are other Microsoft Teams best practice tools and techniques out there to help with accessibility and digital inclusion. I can show you if you like”.


So I shared my screen and we did an impromptu Microsoft training session so I could show her some of this Microsoft Teams best practice for making content accessible, and some of the tools across some of the other MS apps.


It was fair to say she was blown away. Then after all of her bursts of excitement, she went quiet.


“Are you ok?” I asked.


“Yeah, I’m great. I just realise how naïve I’ve been. We’ve been surviving over the past few months by using Teams to get by. I now realise that you’ve shown me how we can use Teams to really thrive, and find new ways to operate as a business.


“This has well and truly surpassed my expectations. I had no idea you could do this much on Teams.”


And this week we have delivered 15 Microsoft Teams Training sessions to this client, with another 15 to come.


If you’d like to get more out of Microsoft Teams, learn about Microsoft Teams Best Practice or Governance. Email [email protected] to arrange a chat today.



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