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Microsoft Teams: A Complete Communications Hub

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Microsoft Teams: A Complete Communications Hub

If you’ve been on maternity/paternity leave, on furlough or out of work for the past year, the chances are you’ve missed the Teams revolution in the workplace and how it’s become a complete communications hub!


This blog will help give you an insight into Teams, what it is and how you can start using it to improve your workplace today. 


What is Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is your communications hub. Just as you can manage your emails, your diary, your contacts, create meetings, manage tasks and work with notes in Outlook, Teams take a similar multi-feature approach.  


Imagine the chat and instant messaging of Skype for Business, mixed with the meeting management in Outlook, folder and file work via SharePoint then sprinkle on some further Microsoft 365 app integration. Think of all of that in the one application and you are getting close to MS Teams. 


What should I use Teams for? 

There are lots of things you can use Teams for. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Communicating with a project team so you can share documents and conversations, and keep them in one place so you’ve always got access to the latest version. 
  • Holding video conferences with one or more people. In fact, you can now have up to 250 people in a single video call making it a viable option for team or department meetings. 
  • Asking quick questions or sharing thoughts with team members through the instant messaging function. You can send document links, emojis and gifs too! 
  • Working out loud with colleagues on a document through Teams is easy and quick. You can discuss changes in the chat or over a voice call, and type them into the document in real time. 

How do I access Teams? 

You’ve got a few options with your enterprise Microsoft 365 license. You can use the Desktop app which will start when you start up your computer. There’s also a mobile app for use on your smart phone or tablet, and a browser version that you can access from any internet enabled device by visiting www.office.com and entering your company log in credentials.  


Why should I use Teams? 

During the global pandemic, millions of people have had to work remotely for the first time and have found Microsoft Teams has enabled them to continue to keep in touch with their team, colleagues and organisation.  


For many people, this has given them an ongoing opportunity to differently to how they previously did. This may include being more flexible with working hours or working from different locations. 


If this applies to you, then you will find Teams invaluable. It supports you to work in this way by acting as your communications hub, making sure you never miss out on a conversation thread, have access to documents, can dial into meetings and even watch recordings if you miss them. It’s designed to keep you in touch wherever you are and whenever you choose to work. 


Changing Social is a certified Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Partner. We specialise in Microsoft Adoption and Change to help our clients adopt Office 365 in days, not months. If you would like to adopt Office 365 in your organisation and find out more about our services, including Office 365 training, please contact us at [email protected] 



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