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10 tips to stay productive in Teams
Microsoft Ignite: Our Favourite Updates You Should Know About
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Managing Your Activity Feed!
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Teams on the Go…
Tips for hosting the ULTIMATE virtual party! (plus it’s our birthday)
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Apps & Tools, Which Is Your Favourite?
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Working 9-5? Manage Your Schedule with Shifts!
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Live (Virtual) Events are the Answer…
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Don’t keep me hanging on the telephone!
Title Slide Saying 'the difference between a conversation and chat in Microsoft Teams' 
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: The Difference Between a Conversation and a Chat
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: A Complete Communications Hub
Gears and Teams logo, with text
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Five easy ways to customise your Microsoft Teams 
2 people listening to a pair of headphones
Getting Started on Microsoft Teams: Stop, collaborate and listen! 
Partners in Crime (& Training): 365Tribe X Changing Social
Microsoft Digital Inclusion: What is it and how do I do it?
Don’t survive, thrive with Microsoft Teams. How one conversation (and training) changed everything…
Staying productive during lockdown – our top Teams tips 
7 ways to make Windows 10 easier to see
Starting a new role during a global pandemic… it’s more positive than you may think 
Working from home.. 7 tips for a better work day.
Furloughed but not forgotten
What to look for in your Executive Sponsor
A clash of cultures: Competition vs Collaboration. How to implement social collaboration in your sales teams
Improving customer experience in retail, when no one really cares.
The Importance of Change Champions for your Adoption Strategy
Achieving operational excellence with Microsoft Teams
How Siemens Gamesa is using Yammer to propel their workforce forward
The importance of digital inclusion and 5 ways Office 365 is here to help
Engaging and retaining frontline workers through Office 365
Why Use Yammer?
Insights from our Adoption Game workshop!
Blur your background in Teams and the productivity connection
Working from home with accessible documents
Have even more fun in your Microsoft Teams meetings
Why Yammer during Covid-19
How to sync files in Teams Channels back to your File Explorer
How Microsoft Teams improves safety in offshore Oil and Gas
Top 5 SWAG items from Microsoft Inspire 2019 edition
The 10 C’s of Employee Engagement

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