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Office 365 Productivity in Healthcare

Office 365 in Healthcare Healthcare is a complex, multi-disciplinary sector requiring a large number of people, skills and expertise to come together to support patients with care when they need it most. Having secure, trusted systems that allows clinicians, administrators

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Maximising Office 365 for Professional Services.

Transform your knowledge management 01 Knowledge is power, right? Make sure you have the power to help your clients by creating robust processes for gathering information, keeping important files up to date and always having access to it wherever you

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Office 365 solutions for Financial Services.

Improve employee engagement 01 Use the Office 365 suite to communicate more effectively with employees, provide platforms for them to be heard and create mechanisms for them to provide regular feedback. Give the power to your frontline teams 02 Enable

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Office 365 in Higher Education.

Develop digital and learning solutions 01 Develop teaching and learning solutions for your online and hybrid classrooms that are interactive, inclusive and encourage your students to get the most out of the learning material. Enhance the wider student experience 02

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Office 365 As Your Communications Platform

Communications, all in one. Communication is key – whether you are drafting up an email, giving a presentation, training staff or simply having a conversation. And being able to communicate effectively about company changes, like a Microsoft 365 (M365) transition,

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Male and female colleagues cheering and celebrating

Office 365 Quick Wins

If you’re considering a move to Office 365, or you’ve already moved but have yet to adopt the full suite of services into your organisation, then read on.    When purchasing an Office 365 subscription, you get a whole bunch

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hands typing on a surface laptop, against the backdrop of a white wall

What’s New in Microsoft 365 in January 2023

This month, Microsoft have launched a host of updates focused on helping businesses adapt to flexible working, reduce unnecessary cost and make the most of the tools you already have. Let’s take a look at the enhancements within Microsoft Viva

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Microsoft Teams graphics on mobile and desktop on a purple background with large emojis and people smiling

Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce Workshop

Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce Workshop As our workforce evolves, so should the technology we use to work together. The Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce Workshop provides an overview into how employees are communicating, collaborating and being productive. This two-day engagement to

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Changing Social | Microsoft 365 Experts

Welcome to Changing Social. Adopt Microsoft Office 365 Within Days Not Months. We are a people first digital consultancy focusing exclusively on helping your organisation get the most out of Microsoft 365. Learn More MICROSOFT EXPERTISE AND INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Grow

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Man in blue hoodie with hands on his face looking stresses

3 Stress-busting Tips From O365

  April is Stress Awareness month and a great opportunity for us to look at how tech can help us manage wellbeing and stress from O365 in the workplace.   As companies start to lift their heads from the initial

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a sorry we're closed sign hung in the window of a shop

Microsoft 365: Furloughed but not forgotten

If the Oxford English dictionary wants some new entries for its 2020 edition, we’re sure Teams, #isolife and a certain virus that shall not be named, would make the grade. But while the term furlough is not new to the OED, its use and move

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WebEx logo on white background versus Microsoft Teams logo on purple bakcground

Microsoft Teams Vs WebEx

Microsoft Teams Vs WebEx   These days we’re no longer confined to office walls; we’re not bound by the average 9-5. Over the last few years, we’ve had to drastically change our working methods. Remote and hybrid working has become

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Woman looking at Microsoft Teams Apps in a laptop

6 More Microsoft Teams Apps You Need

We all know the importance of using Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate with our teams, but did you know there are some great apps that can help your team do their jobs better? In this article, I’m going to

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SharePoint team collaboration tools on various devices

How to use SharePoint in 4 easy steps

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that serves as an intranet and helps organisations share and manage content, knowledge and applications to empower teamwork, find information and collaborate seamlessly across the organisation. It’s a great location to store knowledge and

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bright sun shining onto sunbeds and umbrellas next to a clear blue pool

Marriot Vacations Worldwide

Covid-19 has affected every industry, business and the people within them, be it a change in personal or professional circumstances. Unfortunately, one of the largest sectors to be affected by the pandemic was the tourism and hospitality sector, who saw

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Get Microsoft Funding For Your Business

What are the Microsoft funded workshops?? Microsoft funded workshops otherwise known as the Microsoft Commerce Incentive offers a collection of existing workshops to help you further transform how your organisation works using Microsoft Teams and the rest of the M365 suite. We can apply for these on your

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Play The Adoption Game

What is The Adoption Game? The most fun and engaging way to learn all you need to know about Office 365 Adoption and Change Management. Players will learn what adoption and change really is and how to apply ADKAR by

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Trophy lay down with confetti covering floor

A Week In The Life Of A Digital Champion

Becoming a Digital Champion is a rewarding experience. As well as helping colleagues who might struggle with change, you’re also learning new skills. However, not appreciating the time and commitment it takes to become a Digital Champion can be a

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Microsoft Teams Training

Do you need Teams training? Maximising value from your O365 investment relies on ensuring your users fully understand the features and benefits of all components of the applications available for use and how they can be best utilised to improve

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Take The PULP Challenge

What is the PULP Challenge? Go Paperless, be sustainable & automate your business processes with office 365. This unique competition could give you the opportunity to say goodbye to your old, tedious and inefficient paper-based approval processes and hello to

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woman smiling and working on a tablet

How To Stop Champions’ Programme Fatigue

You may be familiar with terms like change fatigue or Zoom fatigue, but have you heard of champions’ fatigue? It’s one of the reasons why change programmes fail. In this blog we explain the phenomenon and offer tips and tricks

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Join The Changing Social Team

CAREERS & CULTURE. We’re hiring! Check out our current vacancies below: US Customer Success Manager Location: United States (Remote) Changing Social is a Microsoft 365 Adoption and Change Management Consultancy, with three distinct practice areas: Strategy and Change team, End

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Durham University: Adopting Accessibility

Famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Cathedral and historic setting on the banks of the River Wear, Durham University is England’s third oldest University and today one of the world’s top 100 Higher Education institutions. As a leader in Higher

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Tall skyscrapers in downtown New York

British Business Bank.

The British Business Bank is the government-owned business development bank set up to support smaller businesses. With security being at the heart of everything the Bank does, they were keen to learn more about the security capabilities of Office 365;

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Case Studies

Case Studies. Clifton Coffee Roasters The Impact of Microsoft Teams How one coffee roasters changed their business forever Read Case Study Durham University Adopting Accessibility How Durham University used Microsoft 365 to its full potential Read Case Study British Business

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Transformative technology for the retail sector.

Free up precious business time 01 Automating repetitive processes, freeing up colleagues’ time to spend more time helping your customers. Whether its your staff onboarding process, weekly stock take or invoicing, Office 365 can help give you time back. Boost

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Accessibility & Digital Inclusion

Vision & hearing 01 Support your people with vision and hearing impairments to work successfully remotely or in the workplace with an abundance of Office 365 tools and assistive technologies. Neurodiversity & learning 02 One in seven of us are

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A collection of bright colourful lights on a black background

Digital Transformation

Migrate to Office 365 01 Move to the cloud with confidence and enable your people with new tools, skills and behavioural change for new ways of working. Learn more Security and Governance 02 Protect your people and company from external

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Microsoft Viva Connections graphics for desktop and mobile

Microsoft Viva: Top 7 Features

Microsoft recently unveiled a brand-new platform designed for employee engagement, learning, wellbeing and knowledge discovery to help employee’s transform the way they work remotely. In this article I will outline my top 7 Microsoft Viva features and what to expect from them.   Viva Topics    Content and skills are arranged automatically

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a blue toy with the yammer symbol sitting on the edge of a desk

Who Owns The Enterprise Social Network?

There’s no debating that over the past twelve months our employees would have been completely isolated and adrift if it wasn’t for the use of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs).     The surge in remote working cultures has definitely been on the rise in

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Surface computer with calendar open next to a mug of coffee

Celebrating Success In a Remote World

Showing our appreciation and recognising people for their efforts is simple yet powerful. However, it is often underrated and underused. And in a remote world with a lack of face-to-face interaction, the need to celebrate success is even more crucial. 

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Woman sat using her surface computer with a writing on the screen with a stylus

Microsoft Viva: Viva la (working) revolution!

Last week was a big week for Microsoft aficionados the world-over with the launch of Viva, including for us here at Changing Social. But this announcement felt different. Hear from Changing Social MD Steve Crompton  as he explains more about

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Close up of several darts stuck in a dart board in blue lighting

Sending Targeted Communications Just Got Easier

In recent months, the shift to remote and hybrid work has led organisations of all sizes, and across every industry, to rethink how their people and teams communicate and collaborate.    During the COVID crisis, many organisations transformed quickly and

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Blind person working on computer with braille display and screen

Our Golden Nuggets for Accessibility

We’re constantly learning about new ways to make our content more accessible and inclusive using Microsoft 365. And you can be sure when we find a new accessibility trick, we’ll share it with you through our social channels.   Here’s

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Close up of a silver pocket watch

10 tips to stay productive in Teams

With remote working fast becoming the new normal, how do you ensure that you stay as productive on teams as you are in the office?   That’s where Microsoft Teams is a game-changer. It’s designed to keep colleagues productively connected

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Man with blue dotted buttoned up shirt typing on his black iPhone

Microsoft Teams: Managing Your Activity Feed

For me, nothing kills the post-holiday buzz more than an inbox full of emails. That sinking feeling I get when I open Outlook to 1000s of emails gets me every time. So how do you deal with inbox fatigue? This blog will tell you just

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Cardboard cut out of speech bubbles on bright pink background and Title Slide Saying 'the difference between a conversation and chat in Microsoft Teams' 

Getting Started With Microsoft Teams Chat

As part of our Getting Started on Microsoft Teams blog series, this blog looks at the difference between a conversation and chat in Microsoft Teams, and when we should use them.    Communicating with colleagues is a huge part of working in Teams – in fact, it is what

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blurry image of thick blue cables plugged in to a server

Microsoft Teams: A Complete Communications Hub

If you’ve been on maternity/paternity leave, on furlough or out of work for the past year, the chances are you’ve missed the Teams revolution in the workplace and how it’s become a complete communications hub!   This blog will help

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a woman sat on her bed using the touchscreen function of her laptop whilst drinking coffee

7 tips for a better work day…Working from home

As a large percentage of the population are working from home and adapting their working lives around recent rulings to stop the spread of Covid-19 here are the Changing Social Team’s top tips on staying mentally and physically healthy during

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a woman looking intently at a the adoption board game in a room full of people

Insights from our Adoption Game workshop!

Wednesday April 17th 2019, we hosted our first event showcasing our Adoption Game! Our MD, Steve Crompton, dreamt up the idea of using a game to help others understand adoption and change management principles. It’s not easy to simply describe

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Your Gold Microsoft Partners

What we do Our role as change management consultants is to help organisations adopt Microsoft 365 technology in a more effective and sustainable approach to managing change. We provide a broad spectrum of services designed to help you understand what

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Contact Us

Contact Us Get in touch Contact our team of Microsoft Adoption and Change specialists to arrange a meeting to see how you and your colleagues can make the most of Office 365. Our team of Prosci certified change managers have

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A screenshot of a Microsoft Teams call on together mode

What’s New in Microsoft Teams in February?

The February Teams update aims to further collaboration capabilities, and provide the perfect meeting place for business-to-consumer meetings. With Teams calling now accessible from different devices, updates to Virtual Appointments that allow businesses to present a streamlined experience for clients

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a white and purple background with the chat gpt and microsoft logo on the front

How Microsoft have Ushered in the Chat GPT Era

In 2019, Microsoft announced a partnership with OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research organisation co-founded by Elon Musk and several other prominent figures in the tech industry. As part of the partnership, Microsoft invested $1 billion into OpenAI to support their

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man working at desk with black windows laptop

What Can SharePoint Do For Your Business?

What can SharePoint do?   Think of SharePoint as a hub: a fully customizable, secure and highly scalable platform that focuses on document management and collaboration.  Commonly used as an intranet or document repository, SharePoint integrates with multiple Microsoft 365

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OneDrive logo in a shield on a blue background

What is OneDrive and How does it work?

OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud storage services for businesses and individuals to store, share, collaborate, and sync documents. If you’re using OneDrive for personal use, you will need a Microsoft account and a Hotmail, Live or Outlook

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Woman with computer code projected on her face

How To Create Successful Governance In 2023

Successful Governance starts with understanding key business goals, vision and how your employees are able to work to support these goals.  It creates the building blocks we need so employees can make the most out of the systems they use

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Microsoft Teams Online Open On A Web Browser On Mobile & Tablet

Why You Should be Using Microsoft Teams Online

If working through a pandemic taught us anything about how we used the tools and software at our disposal, it was that the benefits of online communication and collaboration were invaluable and transformative. This was because throughout that period, many

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Laptop in the hands of a man near the other people on a Microsoft Teams Video Call

What’s New In Microsoft Teams | October 2022

The Microsoft Teams October update is here, and we’re super thrilled to share Microsoft’s new integrations, awesome announcements and new features. We know you’re busy—so let’s get right to it!   Pop out shared content into a separate window This

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SharePoint intranet site on black tablet and mobile device

How Does SharePoint Work? 5 Tips To Get You Started

SharePoint is the world’s most popular collaboration and document management system; SharePoint is used by over 190 million people across the globe. SharePoint provides a web-based space where users can upload a document to immediately be shared with other people

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Smiling woman using Microsoft surface laptop holding coffee cup

What’s New in the Microsoft Teams July Update?

In July, Microsoft launched some incredible new updates and enhancements that can make your meetings more collaborative. Microsoft have announced new ways you can connect with anyone on your team and updates on Teams Rooms, LinkedIn Integration & Forms. Discover

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All the components of the Microsoft Power Platform including logos and text

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

Do you keep hearing about the Microsoft Power Platform, but don’t really know what it is? Here’s a high level overview from our Head of Power Platform, Aaron Gumbs, and why you should be interested.  The Microsoft Power Platform is

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Microsoft Viva Employee experience solutions on black Laptop and Mobile device

Microsoft Viva: the world’s best intranet?

Intranet systems have been used by organisations for years as a place to share information/news, collaborate with one another, host internal services and more. They serve as a focal point for internal communication, but what if they could be even

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Smiling woman laying on her bed on a Microsoft Teams Video call discussing top tips for an automated business with colleagues

What’s new in Microsoft Teams? – May 2022

Microsoft is constantly updating its software to ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience, making it easier to use, more engaging and at the top of the game.   Teams is no exception, and during May, Microsoft announced

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Yammer and Microsoft Teams logo separated by yellow VS

Teams Vs Yammer: What To Use And When?

In our hybrid workplace, we have been utilising different ways of collaborating and communicating. Within many organisations, workers have been getting stuck into both Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Whilst there are similarities between the two, the tools have different strengths

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Two woman sat on a bed with popcorn and colourful socks during a Microsoft Teams video call

What’s New in Microsoft Teams in April 2022

One of the great things about Microsoft is its continual updating of its software to benefit users and improve the user experience. During April, Microsoft rolled out some exciting new features to enhance your Teams experience.   Read on to

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Three black mobile devices showing Microsoft Viva connections feeds and announcements

Microsoft Viva Connections

Introducing Viva Connections Viva Connections is a new intranet software built on M365 in Teams – offering a personalised view of news, conversations and communities through apps employees already use. The platform intends to boost happiness, feelings of belonging and

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Yallow background and colourful rocket with 'What is Digital Transformation' text

What is digital transformation?

Everyone is talking about digital transformation these days, but what is it? Digital transformation is, simply, the adoption of digital technology in all areas of an organisation with the view of improving efficiency, value and innovation. Not only that, but

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SharePoint Intranet homepage on black tablet and black iPhone

10 reasons why you should be using SharePoint

We all want a better way to store important files, right? Having many different drives or locations can be confusing and clunky, but Microsoft SharePoint challenges that, becoming an easily accessible one-stop-shop for everything your organisation needs to collate.  

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Man using mobile phone to work and his laptop on a desk with a coffee and cards wearing a multi coloured checked shirt

6 Reasons Why Hybrid Working Just Works In 2022

Before the pandemic, the term ‘hybrid working’ was rarely used. Remote working maybe, flexible working, yes. However, 18-months into the Covid-19 pandemic, hybrid working has been hailed as the ‘new norm’ and will undoubtedly become the work environment of the

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Teams Virtual Event with all colleagues on screen using a theatre auditorium background

How To Increase Engagement With Virtual Events

In the past year, we’ve changed almost every business practice we’ve been used to. So for communications professionals tasked with the job of planning large employee virtual events this year, we wanted to give you some support to make it

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smiling man talking to woman on a video call using a laptop

What’s New For Teams Chat in 2021

We’ve quickly had to adapt to a new world and adopt new ways of working. And as always, Microsoft has been working at breakneck speed, introducing even more new features to the chat and Collaboration functionalities in Teams Chat, to

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Man operating machinery with user interface on machine

Clifton Coffee: The Impact of Microsoft Teams

Clifton Coffee Roasters is at the forefront of the United Kingdom’s booming coffee industry. It provides high-quality coffee, machinery, service, and training to coffee shops and has recently undergone a digitization to help it compete successfully with larger companies. The

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Team of people brainstorming and writing on pieces of paper

Streamline productivity with Automation

Free up time 01 By reducing manual processes, you can free up more time to focus on the role you perform instead of having to repeat common tasks. Streamline processes 02 Connect processes and create a single way of completing

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Microsoft app screenshots showing UI with cut-outs and scissors

An Insight Into Microsoft Teams Apps: Part 2

So much of our work is relationship-based so how do we stay connected from a distance, and maintain relationships with our colleagues, managers and stakeholders? In part one we discussed people management and how Microsoft apps could help support you

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Woman wearing Microsoft Mesh VR headset

Our Microsoft Ignite Highlights 2021

Yet another rammed Microsoft Ignite show. There are so many innovations on the horizon concerning Microsoft 365 that will revolutionise how we interact in the workplace and the social space.   We have taken the time to look through everything Ignite

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four co-workers in a brainstorming session in front of a whiteboard

New Features for Teams 2021

Along with the pandemic of 2020 came digital adoption like we’ve never seen. For so many people, working and learning moved from the office and into their home.     This flexible working has continued into 2021 and looks set to

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Birdseye view of person holding a Microsoft phone over a desk of documents and pens

Microsoft Teams Apps: People Management 

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be blogging about some of the apps available in Microsoft Teams to support you to manage your people, stay connected and maintain focus. In part one, we will be looking at apps to

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a dark home office with light up by a blue light

How to thrive as a virtual employee

This is the second part of our blog series on managing and working in virtual teams.   As lockdown comes to an end in the UK, the government advice remains that for those who can work remotely should. There is

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A woman dressed for winter sat outside listening to music and working on her laptop and drinking a coffee

What does a Digital Leader look like?

Like it or loathe it, it looks like virtual working is here to stay.   In the UK we find ourselves in our second national lockdown with many people being asked to work from home again. As winter advances, it’s

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Group of people in a dark room attending a seminar

Microsoft Ignite 2020: Updates You Should Know About

Gregg Bainbridge, our excellent Education & Accessibility Lead, has written up some of his thoughts on Microsoft’s Ignite 2020 sessions, that you should know about…   Microsoft Ignite 2020 sessions  It’s been another interesting set of Ignite sessions from Microsoft. Seeing how the different products

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a screenshot of a microsoft teams call with a man in a suit and tie and a blurred background

Blur your background in Teams

Today I had a call with a Customer Success Manager from Microsoft, and friend of mine, Chris Slemp. Chris usually has his video on and before my calls I usually spend a good 5 minutes thinking of some excuse as

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a man in a seminar with a black Microsoft Accessibility Ninja t-shirt on

Working From Home With Accessible Documents

As more and more of us are working from home, the need for accessible documents is increasingly important. Whether you are sharing and co authoring documents with colleagues, writing reports or producing brochures and one pagers for sales purposes, your

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