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Microsoft Apps & Solutions

The Microsoft Apps & Solutions Workshop Overview As the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams is designed to help organisations improve collaboration and increase efficiency by automating key business processes. With the Teams Apps and Solutions Workshop, Changing Social will work

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Build Professional Apps.

Tailored to your needs 01 The purpose of being able to build your own app is you can tailor it to exactly fit your requirements. Anyone can do it 02 You don’t need to be a technical expert to build

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Microsoft app

An Insight Into Microsoft Teams Apps: Part 2

So much of our work is relationship-based so how do we stay connected from a distance, and maintain relationships with our colleagues, managers and stakeholders? In part one we discussed people management and how Microsoft apps could help support you

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Microsoft Teams App

Microsoft Teams Apps: People Management 

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be blogging about some of the apps available in Microsoft Teams to support you to manage your people, stay connected and maintain focus. In part one, we will be looking at apps to

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Why SharePoint?

10 reasons why you should be using SharePoint

We all want a better way to store important files, right? Having many different drives or locations can be confusing and clunky, but Microsoft SharePoint challenges that, becoming an easily accessible one-stop-shop for everything your organisation needs to collate.  

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The Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Programme​

What are the Microsoft funded workshops?? Microsoft funded workshops or The Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Programme offers a collection of existing workshops to help you further transform how your organisation works using Microsoft Teams. We can apply for these accelerators allowing

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Make M365 The Heart Of How Your Business Works

Transform your business and create effective ways of working with Microsoft 365. M365 has endless possibilities and opportunities to work smarter, not harder. Our mission is to help you to realise its full potential, make the most of your investment

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Automating your paper-based processes

7 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Paper-Based Processes

Automating paper-based processes and moving to a more digitally-focused business isn’t something from the future, it’s happening right now and is a trend that’s gaining momentum.     There was a time when the term “automation” conjured up images of manufacturing plants full of robots.

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A Week In The Life Of A Digital Champion

Becoming a Digital Champion is a rewarding experience. As well as helping colleagues who might struggle with change, you’re also learning new skills. However, not appreciating the time and commitment it takes to become a Digital Champion can be a

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Microsoft Teams Training

Do you need Teams training? Maximising value from your O365 investment relies on ensuring your users fully understand the features and benefits of all components of the applications available for use and how they can be best utilised to improve

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Join our Team.

CAREERS & CULTURE. We’re hiring! Check out our current vacancies below: Sales Executive Location: Remote, UK ​ Role: Permanent, full-time​ Due to rapid recent growth Changing Social are seeking an experienced, talented and motivated team member to support our sales department, generate leads

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Viva Insights at Microsoft Ignite

4 Tips For Beating Burnout With Viva Insights

Employee burnout is a term you’ve probably heard a lot more in recent times. Stress and feeling overwhelmed can become part of professional life. When this relentless work pressure becomes debilitating, it’s known as burnout.   In this blog, we’ll

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Streamline productivity with Automation

Save time 01 Spend less time on manual processes, and instead focus your time where it can be of most benefit to your business. Streamline processes 02 Simplify tasks and connect processes for streamlined ways of working, saving you time

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Transformative technology for the retail sector.

Free up precious business time 01 Automating repetitive processes, freeing up colleagues’ time to spend more time helping your customers. Whether its your staff onboarding process, weekly stock take or invoicing, Office 365 can help give you time back. Boost

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Maximising Office 365 for Professional Services.

Transform your knowledge management 01 Knowledge is power, right? Make sure you have the power to help your clients by creating robust processes for gathering information, keeping important files up to date and always having access to it wherever you

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Office 365 solutions for Financial Services.

Improve employee engagement 01 Use the Office 365 suite to communicate more effectively with employees, provide platforms for them to be heard and create mechanisms for them to provide regular feedback. Give the power to your frontline teams 02 Enable

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Office 365 in Higher Education.

Develop digital and learning solutions 01 Develop teaching and learning solutions for your online and hybrid classrooms that are interactive, inclusive and encourage your students to get the most out of the learning material. Enhance the wider student experience 02

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Centre of Excellence.

Governance & Administration 01 We can either custom build these for you or support you in creating professional-looking apps that solve your business challenges with ease. Nurture & Grow 02 Our experience of helping organisations solve business challenges using Microsoft

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24/7 support with AI-powered bots.

Knowledge bank 01 Using machine learning, over time your bot will grow to understand your organisation and the types of questions that people may have. Always on 02 24/7 bot support at your fingertips. Having an always on support team

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Migrate to Office 365 01 Move to the cloud with confidence and enable your people with new tools, skills and behavioural change for new ways of working. Learn more Security and Governance 02 Protect your people and company from external

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Office 365 As Your Communications Platform

01 Reach your front line colleagues Those colleagues on the front line are the face of your business, yet so often are the people least informed. We can help you engage with traditionally hard-to-reach employees by enabling them with digital

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Microsoft Mesh with headset

Our Microsoft Ignite Highlights 2021

Yet another rammed Microsoft Ignite show. There are so many innovations on the horizon concerning Microsoft 365 that will revolutionise how we interact in the workplace and the social space.   We have taken the time to look through everything Ignite

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Enterprise Social Network

Who Owns The Enterprise Social Network?

There’s no debating that over the past twelve months our employees would have been completely isolated and adrift if it wasn’t for the use of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs).     The surge in remote working cultures has definitely been on the rise in

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Celebrating Success In a Remote World

Showing our appreciation and recognising people for their efforts is simple yet powerful. However, it is often underrated and underused. And in a remote world with a lack of face-to-face interaction, the need to celebrate success is even more crucial. 

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Teams Communicator app

Sending Targeted Communications Just Got Easier

In recent months, the shift to remote and hybrid work has led organisations of all sizes, and across every industry, to rethink how their people and teams communicate and collaborate.    During the COVID crisis, many organisations transformed quickly and

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How to thrive as a virtual employee

How to thrive as a virtual employee

This is the second part of our blog series on managing and working in virtual teams.   As lockdown comes to an end in the UK, the government advice remains that for those who can work remotely should. There is

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A leader working on a laptop

What does a Digital Leader look like?

Like it or loathe it, it looks like virtual working is here to stay.   In the UK we find ourselves in our second national lockdown with many people being asked to work from home again. As winter advances, it’s

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Office 365 quick wins!

Office 365 Quick Wins

If you’re considering a move to Office 365, or you’ve already moved but have yet to adopt the full suite of services into your organisation, then read on.    When purchasing an Office 365 subscription, you get a whole bunch

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Our Golden Nuggets for Accessibility

We’re constantly learning about new ways to make our content more accessible and inclusive using Microsoft 365. And you can be sure when we find a new accessibility trick, we’ll share it with you through our social channels.   Here’s

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Productive on Teams

10 tips to stay productive in Teams

With remote working fast becoming the new normal, how do you ensure that you stay as productive on teams as you are in the office?   That’s where Microsoft Teams is a game-changer. It’s designed to keep colleagues productively connected

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Microsoft Ignite 2020

Microsoft Ignite 2020: Updates You Should Know About

Gregg Bainbridge, our excellent Education & Accessibility Lead, has written up some of his thoughts on Microsoft’s Ignite 2020 sessions, that you should know about…   Microsoft Ignite 2020 sessions  It’s been another interesting set of Ignite sessions from Microsoft. Seeing how the different products

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Title Slide Saying 'the difference between a conversation and chat in Microsoft Teams' 

Microsoft Teams: Conversation vs Chat

The difference between a conversation or chat in Microsoft Teams  As part of our Getting Started on Microsoft Teams blog series, this blog looks at the difference between a conversation and chat in Microsoft Teams, and when we should use them.    Communicating with colleagues is a

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Teams Collaborate

Microsoft Teams: Stop, collaborate and listen! 

As part of our Getting Started on Microsoft Teams blog series, this blog is all about teams collaborate and channels.    You’ll know by now that Teams is your communications hub. With features that allow you to voice and video call, private message and chat with your colleagues, it’s a

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Enhance the Employee Experience with Office 365

Learning & Development 01 Develop engaging learning environments using Office 365 to support colleagues learn and develop in remote or hybrid working environments. HR Apps, and Automation 02 Prioritise effectiveness with Apps, Automation and HR Bots to give your people

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Your Gold Microsoft Partners

We are Microsoft Gold Partners. Microsoft Gold Partners at the forefront of all Microsoft 365 advancements. Building your digital workplace is one of the most important investments you’ll make. Backed by industry accreditation and with expert technical knowledge, we’ll work

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Digital Champions

Digital Champions. We manage your Microsoft 365 champions community, so you don’t have to. Book demo Learn more What is the Digital Champions as a Service Programme? Our Digital Champions programme is delivered purely online through Teams giving your people

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Changing Social | Microsoft 365 Experts

ONBOARD Technology Services 01 It all starts with solid foundations; onboarding, tenancy configurations, or governance. Our technology services ensure you’re set up for success. Learn More ADOPT Change Management 02 Adoption is so much more than just training. Our proven

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